Small Business Dollar Tree Supplies

Dollar Tree is my go to store if I don’t feel like driving to Michaels, or Walmart. If you’re anyone like me who often runs out things.

Dollar Tree is my go to store if I don’t feel like driving to Michaels, or Walmart. At Dollar Tree, I can typically find things for my small business CHANNIË. If you’re anyone like me who often runs out of shredded paper or packaging tape. DT has you covered in a pinch.

“Can I start a small business using Dollar Tree supplies? “

This is not a starting a small business guide. BUT, I did want to incorporate some items you can get at DT to possibly start one. Some Dollar Tree locations are expanding craft sections to entire isles. Here you can find, jewelry pieces, painting supplies, scrapbook embellishments and even tie-dye. Plus some locations are starting to carry t-shirts, vinyl and faux leather.

“Oh no.. I ran out of?”

When it comes to stationery basics, tape, scissors, glue and notebooks, DT has you covered. Among those items, they also have different kinds of paper! The tape always come in clutch!

“What if I want to make a product shoot setup?”

Excuse my messy Dollar Tree location. After you have spent hours creating your perfect product, next is taking the product pictures! If you are someone who wants to have your shoots super creative, DT can help you. Using foam boards, a hot glue gun and a bulk of flowers you can create a flower backdrop. If you are going for a nature theme, the floral section at DT has fake fruits, moss, and even have tools to make wreaths. The store also carries holiday theme decorations perfect for themed products and shoots. Lastly, if you want to get super creative, DT also sells wide angle lens for your cellphone.

“Okay…but do they have shipping supplies?”

The store offers poly-mailers, bubble mailers, boxes and more to mail things in. I have shipped items using the poly-mailers and it works fine. The shredded paper is a great accessory to my packages and great at pop-up shops! Bows and tissue paper also come in handy.

“What else do they have?”

Obviously, I am a big fan of Dollar Tree. After buying all the necessary things for your business , we typically forget about the real BIG things. A.K.A the storage bins, cleaning supplies, storage bags and oh.. the snacks. After working so hard on our million dollar product we forget to eat… Get SNACKS.

Dollar Tree lover 4Life

I love this store with a passion, hence my guide here. You either love it or hate it. Hopefully, you enjoyed this guide and comeback for more.

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