5 fashion styling tips to try in March 2024

Tips on how to prepare your pre-spring wear.

Pre-spring fashion looks are going to be major in March.

If you’re in the Midwest or anywhere winter is present, March means it’s almost time to bring out those lightweight jackets, skirts, and gym shoes.

Here are five fashion styling tips to try in March 2024:

Layer Cheetah print and graphic tees

Cheetah and leopard are two trendy prints in 2024. It’s only right to get crazy and start styling it with other pieces like graphic tees.

Add a pop of color like green for more flair and funk. The cranberry red handbag popped off the red bits in the graphic tee.

Head to your local thrift

It’s time to start thrifting for pre-spring looks. I plan to wear more oversized streetwear while keeping it classy and cute.

Going to your local thrift shop can help you find vintage and fun pieces to mix into your wardrobe.

Vintage blazers and jeans

Start experimenting with just oversized vintage blazers and mom jeans. If you want to be like Cher Horowitz, wear a pleated skirt, and trouser socks with Mary Janes to your style book.

Color block using handbags and vintage windbreakers

It’s time to bring back those vintage windbreakers and incorporate them into your everyday looks.

Using the colors of the windbreakers, find a handbag in your closet that will pair with it. It gives the outfit a bit of uniqueness while both complement each other.

Go to a local fashion show

If you’re seeking local fashion style inspiration, head to a local fashion show in your city.

Pay attention to how the models are styled and what guests are sporting.

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