Rags 2 Riches hosts their annual 6th thrift fashion show in Detroit

Detroit fashion designer takes on evening wear garments using thrift pieces.

Detroit fashion show highlights the thrift lifestyle.

Rags 2 Riches held their annual fashion show for the 6th year in February at the Jam Handy in Detroit. It was an all-black affair featuring mint coats, glittered and sequined ball gowns, big hats, and of course a Detroit staple – Cartier Buffalo “Buffs” shades. The event focused on turning secondhand fashion into evening wear couture.

The Designers

There were three collections from the show from two separate designers featuring evening wear.

The Bag Ladie

The first designer was Stephanie Bedell aka “The Bag Ladie”, who is a plus-size wardrobe consultant in Detroit. Bedell is also the fashion coordinator for Detroit luxury ready-to-wear brand William Palmer Homme created by Quandell Wright. During the show, one of the models wore a William Palmer Homme “Amore” handbag.

This collection from The Bag Ladie features thrift fashion pieces from ball gowns to blazers or maxi dresses. The designer styles the pieces by adding textures, and color-blocking techniques. From striped undershirts layered with ball gowns and topped with cropped blazers to white laced cut-out ball gowns paired with elbow-length gloves and bow ties from The Jaiden Brand. The collection played around with a mixture of classic pieces and couture.

Rockie Bonds

The second designer of the night was Rockie Bonds, a Detroit-based model for local Detroit model agency- Haute Talent Management. Bonds’s has been featured in popular magazines like Vogue. It was Bonds’s first time showing her up-and-coming fashion line, “LaCasa Neangel” at the Rags 2 Riches show.

Bonds describe LaCasa Neangel as “luxury high fashion that will have you feeling like an angel”. The models in this collection wore big afro hair paired with pink two-piece sets of satin material, red fluffy tulle sets, or zebra print-inspired couture dresses paired with berets. The looks created texture with their scrunched tulle, chained and beaded straps, or ruffled tulle add-ons.

Rags 2 Riches takeaway

In total, there were three shows featuring evening wear apparel from both designers. After designers showed off their collections, guests were met with food and entertainment from local Detroit artists.

The show was a collection of the glitz of glam of the Detroit fashion scene featuring members of the Detroit Fashion Community, which is a local Detroit fashion organization. Also in attendance were fashion designers, fashion accountants and influencers from the metro Detroit area.

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