5 reasons you need to attend a silent disco party in 2024

Silent disco parties allow you to be in your own world.

I went to my first official silent disco party at a bar and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

The Brakeman, a local bar in downtown Detroit, held a Lovers and Friends Edition silent disco party in February for Valentine’s Day and I am still raging about it. There were multiple different playing a variety of music genres from rock to hip hop to oldie but goodies.

It was my first time at a silent disco party at a bar and I think I would go again!

What are silent disco parties?

Silent disco parties are events where you get a headset and a DJ or multiple DJs play a mixture of music only you can hear.

Here are five reasons you need to attend a silent disco party in March 2024:

1. Multiple DJs

At the silent disco party I attended, three DJs played different mixes. The DJs separated their sets into three colors: red, blue and green. Using a switch on the headset, you could change the station to whatever DJ you like the best or switch between songs.

Our green DJ played pop and a bit of rock music. The red station played rave mixes and some hip hop (it was quite insane), but I loved it!

Then the blue station DJ played R&B tunes like Beyoncè and Rihanna.

Why are multiple DJs perfect?

Multiple DJs are perfect because you can listen to a variety of music and not get tired of the same genre being played.

2. Good music

Depending on the DJs, you may be in for a sweet treat for tunes. Silent disco parties allow you to reminisce about old songs or jam out to the songs of today.

3. It’s unique

It changes the dynamic of the bar scene and makes it less intimidating because everyone is in their own little world.

Watching people dance to their favorite genre of music is pretty interesting because you see how everyone is unique . Some people may enjoy the song on the blue station better than the red, or others prefer the more low-key song on the green station. It’s a different experience than just being at the bar and enjoying the one song the solo DJ is playing.

It’s funny to watch everyone tune into the same station at once as well because a crowd may have gotten hyped over a song the DJ is playing. Then it turns into one big dance party of everyone playing the same song…but silently.

4. Perfect for solo dates

Silent disco parties are the way to go if you want a solo date. While it can be fun in a crowd, it’s actually very annoying to communicate with friends because you constantly either have to take off your headset or turn the music down to hear them talk.

So it’s perfectly fine to go alone and enjoy the tunes.

5. Silent disco parties are easy to find

Detroit has an organization called “CTYHOP” which features different silent disco parties across the metro Detroit area. Plus ways on how you can host your own using their equipment.

Search social media pages and Eventbrite using the keyword “silent disco parties near me” to see events happening in your inner city.

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