5 London Fashion Week Fall shows that stood out in 2024

Classic high fashion looks with a lot of fair.

Classic fashion looks with edgy flair.

London Fashion Week was a variety of fashion styles that fit a broad range. From pretty pastels and tulle to more edgier darker hues, there was a mixture of everything.

Here are five London Fashion Week shows that stood out in 2024:

Knwls London


Bold statement pieces combined with popular trends of the now. Leather pieces play a big part in this collection.

What I like about this collection: I like the structured leather and patched fur jackets, each look is unique but has something for everyone’s different style. From leather bomber jackets, and long maxi gowns to jorts.


Movement is big with this Burberry collection and the power of layering pieces for dramatic flair.

What I like about this collection: Burberry keeps it classic with long overcoats, drastic gowns worn by Naomi Campbell, suits with deep cuts, and midi skirts with high splits. The collection is simple, but also wearable. Nowadays, you don’t always see wearable fashion.

Susan Fang

Fabric manipulation at its finest to create intricate prints and designs for garments. The collection also includes, beaded arm straps and pastels for fun and feminity on the runway.

What I like about this collection: Susan Fang experiments with tulle to create textured pieces that are unique. The collection gives fairy pixie but in avant-garde.


Evening wear but give it some glitter and glamour. This collection is sexy and chic but gives that fantasy touch.

What I like about this collection: This collection does a good job of adding chicness to already classic style wardrobe pieces. The designs and prints on the clothing are intriguing and catch your eye.


Retro-inspired outfits that celebrate black hair, culture and style. These looks are heavily based on what we already know but with more chic cuts, drapes and flair.

What I like about this collection: Tolu Coker is very intentional with their collection. It’s familiar but also has its own look. From the intentional baby hairs to the set production, this collection represented not only African culture but Black Americans as well.

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