How to find your passion tips

How to find your passion in your 20s in 2023

Having a passion in life makes you have goals and having goals creates a individual who is unstoppable.

What is life with no goals? Having passions create a life of purpose for me, especially once I start executing those passions into reality.

For instance, I have a passion to become a full-time content creator. I go out to shoot content, post on Instagram and create content that resonates with me and what I want to push as a content creator to the masses.

Here is a guide on how to find your passion:

Knowing what a passion is

I feel that passion is something that you enjoy doing and that you can’t get enough of. It’s not something that comes overnight, it’s developed.

For instance, I fell in love with journalism because it made me feel alive. I started to enjoy talking to people and listening to their stories, it made me even more comfortable being social. I realized it was my passion once I felt moved by it and it brought me to tears.

Not saying your passion has to bring you to tears but having a connection with it is important. I say that because your drive to complete and execute it is pushed through the connection you have with the passion.

If you don’t care about it, or it doesn’t move you, it’s not your passion. It’s just something you do in the meantime.

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Why does having a passion matter?

Having a passion matters because sometimes in life, you are thrown into so many things, opportunities and around so many people. Your passion can be something that is special to you.

It’s that one thing you’re an expert at, it’s that one thing that keeps you up at night but you still don’t tired of it. It can make you angry, and it can make even make you cry but that feeling of actually getting it done is such a joy that many should experience.

Creating a passion

What do you like to do? What brings a smile to your face? What are you good at?

These are questions you ask yourself when it’s time to find and dig for that passion. What is something you can do for hours without it being annoying?

Make a list of things, you enjoy and start practicing those things more often. If you enjoy drawing or used to have a thing for it, get back into it.

Working towards that passion

Dig deeper into what brings you joy, and makes you think.

Don’t feel forced to have a passion, it’s not mandatory in life but if life isn’t working out for you right now, dig into finding your passion instead.

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