Six journal prompts to tackle this fall.

6 Journal prompts to tackle this fall

Journal prompts to think about this fall.

Take this fall to journal more.

The fall months are the perfect time to start journaling more. You can pull out your favorite notebook, cozy up with a mug of hot chocolate and get to writing.

Here are six journaling prompts to tackle this fall:

1. I hope this fall brings me peace with…

This prompt requires you to think of what you want peace with, whether that’s school, a job or relationships.

2. Fall makes me feel…

Think about how fall makes you feel whether that’s a negative or positive feeling. Then ask yourself why does fall make me feel like that?

3. One thing I wish to change this season is…

Ask yourself what you want to change, what area of your life whether that’s involving money, a job or a relationship would you like to change this season. A way to expand on that is to also answer the question, how would changing this thing or attitude make my life or season better?

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4. What are five things I want to accomplish this season…

Jot down things you want to succeed or get done. Make sure to also note how you plan to achieve those wins.

5. These three things would make my fall successful…

It could be a new job, a promotion or a conversation that would ease the struggles or pain of fall. Jot down those and explain why they would make your fall successful.

6. I don’t want to experience…

This prompt requires you to reflect on the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Doing this can help you understand why these things upset you and why you don’t want to experience them.

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