Five tips on how to be more fashionable this fall

5 tips on how to style for fall 2023

Fall fashion is the perfect time to start layering.

What if you took this season to stop being shy and start showing off that hidden style?

Fall fashion is an experimental time. It’s an opportunity for you to shop at new brands, fall in love with their knits or find a pair of jeans that hug your curves just right.

Here are five tips on how to be fashionable in the fall:

1. Start with affordable brands

Start small and build your way up. One of the easiest ways to start styling yourself is to begin buying brands you can afford and experimenting with them.

True style shouldn’t have a price tag, it should be about the creation of the outfit. The thoughts, the colors, the way the dress hugs your body or how the funky earrings popped off your skin. Make fashion about fashion again.

Affordable places to buy fall fashion clothes
  • Thrift stores
  • H&M
  • Public Desire (Boots and accessories)
  • Zara
  • Windsor
  • Target

2. Learn to layer

Layering is one of the keys to styling an outfit. You can layer shirts on top of hoodies, skirts on top of pants, or keep it simple of course.

I like to layer graphic tees and turtlenecks with jackets. To me layering helps add dimension to an outfit, it makes it less static and put together.

3. Wear statement pieces

Statement pieces are the accessories or clothing items that stand out. It’s the piece of the outfit that people first see, the item their eyes cling to.

Sometimes the entire outfit can be a statement but start with one piece first. That piece could be a vintage top, or a bold piece of jewelry.

Make this outfit speak before you speak.

Examples of statement pieces
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags
  • Footwear
  • Gloves
  • Hair accessories
  • Makeup

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Find a signature piece of clothing items

By now, I have probably said this over a million times but berets are my signature fall clothing item. I love how sophisticated and fun they are. With every look, I want to pair one!

Having a signature piece of clothing or accessories helps allow you to narrow down the process of trying to create a perfect look and instead creates a staple look that’s also easy to follow.

Pick a color scheme you want to focus on in the fall

Literally, pull out the color palettes and pick your favorite one for the season.

This tip also narrows down the quest of trying to figure out what color to wear. If you have a palette of colors you like, you can buy those items and style them accordingly.

Earth tones have dark hues that fit the fall but you can always wear bold hues like pinks, yellows and even blues.

Skip the trends

Over here, I do not promote trends. My fashion advice is based on my personal experience with fashion from styling my own outfits to observing, researching and shopping.

I like individuals to think of themselves as a canvas and fashion is their paint and tools. Each piece of artwork is unique to one.

Additional tips

  • Look at previous fashion shows for the fall season 2023.
  • Follow fashion creators on Pinterest and Instagram. You can always check out my Instagram for inspiration and tips.

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