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Becoming a girl boss in 2023

Becoming a girl boss is not easy but doesn’t have to be hard. Follow along for a couple tips on starting a girl boss journey.

Girl bosses need a plan, goals and most importantly courage.

As a girl boss, you’re not only vigilant in your actions but you’re intentional.

Here is a guide on becoming a girl boss:

Be delusional

Okay not delusional like crazy but be delusional as in shoot for the highest goal , position, car, life, you want. Don’t settle for anything other than that. You deserve a world where every big dream or small dream is succeeded.

Have self control

Knowing when enough is enough . Don’t continue arguing to get the last word in. Stop yourself, don’t text that boy if he said don’t text him.

Don’t go to Target if you only have $50 in your account. It’s not worth it. Know when you are overextending yourself, doing too much , or completely out of line. Have self control in 2023.

Have good spending habits

In 2023, we trying to make money not spend it. Start building up your savings account.

Stop going out to eat with ya friends if you know you gotta pay for your student loans. It’s about prioritizing and then enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Don’t settle

Don’t settle for no job, apartment, friendship, relationship. Want better for you, because you deserve it. Don’t cut yourself short and remember that you matter.

Having a fashion sense

Develop a sense of style that represents you. Wear fashion that make you feel good and powerful.

Wear what you want and own it.


Choose friends with the same values as you. Having friends with the same values as you is important because friendships led by people on the same accord just make sense.


Healthy relationships matter when you’re striving and trying to reach your goals. Cut off relationships that stunt growth or distract you.

When you’re on the journey of becoming a successful woman, you don’t need drama. You need peace and a partner who understands that.


Many times family may not understand what you do or what empire you are building as a girl boss but never take the criticism too hard.

They may not understand your moves and question it a lot but you have to stay vigilant. Ignore the criticism if it’s not constructive.

Creating boundaries

Boundaries are a major aspect in this journey because people have to know what line not to cross with you.

Creating boundaries is a must if you often feel that certain actions or things make you uncomfortable. When you create a boundary, you set the tone that you won’t just accept any or every thing just because.

It’s a mature step but also hard step that sometimes you have to make.

Handling business

You can’t say you a girl boss or even just a boss but don’t handle your business.

You come on time, hit deadlines, you get everything done before play. Girl bosses are bosses for a reason, they don’t play about their business.

It’s a time and a place to be professional and handle your business.

Loving you

You got to build a relationship within yourself that ties all of these aspects together.

Being able to love you is such a powerful feeling because self love is one of the best loves.

It’s pure love because why would one lie to themselves. On this journey, you have to love you because many times your credibility and abilities may be tested.

Girl bosses have goals

Goals typically include trying to achieve a point of success. Some goals can be small or big.

Having goals keep you motivated and completing those goals give you confidence.


You have to remind yourself daily of who are you and what you are not. Affirmations help with that. They promote self growth and confidence.

You can create your own affirmations or find some on social media or Pinterest.

Stop comparing you

Girl bosses can’t compare themselves to others. Getting out of the habit of comparing yourself is major.

It’s in good practice to always remind yourself that you’re YOU. Nobody can take that away from you. No matter if someone even tries to compare, you’re still you and that will never change.

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  1. Love this! Being “delusional” is something I’m really working on as it’s been too easy to stay realistic!

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