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10 self care tips for 2023

Self care begins with you.

Start January with these self care tips .

Self care is important because it’s about taking care of you rather it’s physical, emotionally or mentally. It can look different for every individual.

Here is an guide featuring 10 ways to improve your self care journey.

1. Have an vision board party

Vision boards are one of the best tools and crafts to do during the new year. They allow you to get crafty and prepare your year out mentally and visually. Having a vision board party allows you to bring you and close friends together for an evening of food and planning goals.

2. Go on solo coffee dates

If you work from home or just want to take a break from home, spend an evening at the coffee shop. Gather a journal, a book or something you need to work on and go buy your favorite coffee or tea drink. These moments are great if you just want to get away from home.

3. Develop a hobby

Reading, biking, going to the gym, and journaling are all hobbies that you can start in the new year. Having hobbies develop personality and uniqueness to you, they help on the self care journey because they give you something to do. Trying new activies and crafts help develop a hobby.

4. Find your fashion sense

Start developing a fashion style by experimenting with different clothing items and types. The best way to develop a fashion style is start wearing colors or clothing pieces you have never worn before. Get creative and start buying clothes that take you out of your comfort zone.

When you look good, you feel good and that’s major in self care.

5. Take bubble baths

This is one of those cheap easy ways to do some self care. Get your favorite bubble bath soap, a candle and prepare yourself a warm bubble bath one evening. It’s definitely relaxing and makes you feel super cozy.

Have some cute or sexy pajamas waiting for you for some extra self love.

6. Go get pampered

Invest in your look, make sure to get your hair done occasionally, nails or even lashes if that’s your style. Staying pampered makes you feel good and it can be relaxing. Invest in you a spa day especially after a hard week.

7. Try a new restaurant

Food makes everyone’s belly feel better. Take some time this year to start taking yourself out into the city and try new eats. Detroit has a lot of restaurants like Pizza Cat or Loco’s Tex-Mex Grille to fulfill a growling tummy.

8. Read a book

There are so many different genres of books you can read, some on self care, fiction novels, nonfiction and the list goes on. Reading nurtures the mind and you never know you may discover you want to want to write your own book.

Check out S.M. Dave’s book “Cold Summer”.

9. Start journaling

I love journaling and it’s one of the easiest self care acts that you can do. All it takes is really buying a notebook and starting to write. You don’t have to have a specific thing to write but you can start with your daily emotions, goals, prompts or self reflection.

10. Plan movie nights

Plan a day throughout the week to watch a movie, with a bowl of popcorn and choice of drinks. I typically watch movies on Netflix, Tubi, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. Having movie nights can take away the stress of work or school and let your attention just be on what you’re watching.

Here is a recent blog post on how to journal for your mental health.

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