7 best thrift finds of March 2024: Fashion Fads with Chan

The coolest thrift finds I found at Michigan resale shops.

Michigan thrifts were good this month.

For thrift shopping in March, I focused on vintage clothing, graphic tees, digital cameras and unique handbags. My favorite thrift store Value World had a few sales this month and I was able to get a lot of new items for under $100.

Here are some of my best thrift finds of March 2024:

Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

Tommy Jeans thrifted in March 2024

This is my first time finding a pair of actual pair of Tommy jeans at the thrift store.

I most likely will pair this with a Tommy tee.

Harley-Davidson Jersey

Harley-Davidson pink jersey thrifed in March.

This jersey was a random find at the thrift, most likely will pair this with a pair of jeans.

Jonas Brothers T-shirt

Jonas Brothers graphic tee thrifted in March 2024.

One of the coolest finds I’ve found as a 2000s baby who grew up on the Jonas Brothers.

Las Vegas Tote

Las Vegas tote thrifted in March 2024.

This bag is so fun and retro!

Digital Camera

Digital camera thrifted in March 2024

I love collecting digital cameras that only need batteries! They’re so easy to get started and use!

Michigan State University Jersey

MSU jersey thrifted in March 2024.

Always love finding jerseys that represent my college!


Unique find I found at Regeneration Clothing in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan!

Check out my thrift guide on how to find vintage clothing.

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