5 tips on how to thrift vintage clothing in 2024

Thrifting vintage clothing is actually easy and not that complicated.

Shopping for vintage clothing is easy with the right tips.

Finding vintage clothing is always great at the thrift store because the styles are typically unique, constructed well and quality fabric.

Here are five tips on how to thrift vintage clothing in 2024:

Know where to shop

Plato’s Closet is not a resale shop where you will find vintage clothing, they typically sell trendy and modern wear.

Vintage shops and thrift stores like The Salvation Army and Value World typically sell a mixture of second-hand items that are deemed vintage and retro.

Places to find vintage clothing

Research vintage styles

Vintage shop pop up at the Totally Rad Fest.

Before you head to any vintage market or shop, know what vintage styles you are looking for. Are you looking for 70s vintage flair or 90s retro streetwear like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo or Adidas?

Check fabrics

Vintage clothing typically uses better fabrics than you see today in fast fashion. Know what fabrics were popular in the era you are seeking as well. For example, in the 90’s, fabrics such as vinyl, satin, sequins, fleece and more were quite popular. When you’re shopping for vintage clothing, look for fabrics that reflect those fabrics.

Look at tags

Ways to search a tag:

  • Searching the tags for vintage clothing requires you to see what tags look old and what tags don’t.
  • Brands also change their tags throughout the years, look at older tags from brands to know what to look for.
  • If the brand tags look unfamiliar, it could be a chance it’s a classic older style brand. A Google search before you buy could also help.

Price matters

I do not shop at shops specializing in vintage clothing because they are more expensive than the average in my opinion. However, one way to know if an item is vintage or not is how it’s priced.

On the contrary, some thrift stores like the Salvation Army and Value World price their vintage items lower than a modern-day style or brand.

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