Totally Rad Vintage Fest brought vintage flair and style to Detroit

Vintage fest brought stylish retro clothing to Detroit.

Y2K bling and retrofits fled into Detroit for a thrift festival.

The Totally Rad Vintage Fest arrived in Detroit for another year of fashion, shopping and connecting. This year, the festival occurred at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit, featuring over 50 vintage resale sellers.

What is Totally Rad Vintage Fest?

Totally Rad Vintage Fest is an annual festival that takes place across the U.S. in multiple states with a variety of resale sellers selling vintage clothing, Y2K wear, stickers, buttons, and retro-style items.

What were shops selling?

In Detroit, sellers were selling sports gear for the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Pistons. There were also brands selling vintage handbags, Harley-Davidson jackets, race car graphic tees, Beanie Babies, and sports jerseys.

There were fashion aesthetics for everyone including goth, Y2K, casual wear, vintage and streetwear pieces.

A few featured brands:

All of the brands listed sold a variety of clothing items.


Prices range from low to high at the vintage fest. Buyers could find items for $2 or $180.

Most clothing items were around $10 or higher.

Where is Totally Rad Vintage Fest going next?

The Totally Rad Vintage Fest is heading to Wisconsin and North Dakota.

How to prepare for a Totally Rad Vintage Fest?

Preparing for the festival is very easy, you can buy general admission tickets in advance on the festival’s website for $8 before tax.

If you want to buy tickets the day of they are $12 at the door.

What to bring:

  • Tote bag
  • Multiple forms of payment
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Water

Also, make sure to check out their Instagram leading up to the days of the event so you can see what sellers are going to be in attendance. They also post a map of where the sellers will be placed in the event space.

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Photos from event

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