10 journal prompts for a prosperous April 2024

Writing prompts to use in April.

Writing prompts to reflect and plan out your month.

Using prompts is a great way to write out your goals, affirmations and tasks for the month.

Here are 10 journal prompts for a prosperous April 2024:

April is going to bring…

Think about what you want April to bring for you. Write down positive things, new things and ideas you want to happen during the new month.

Write down your goals for April:

Having goals is the best way to set intentions and tasks for you to complete for the month.

List five hobbies you want to try:

Having hobbies is a great way to try new things and occupy your mind. Think of a few hobbies you want to try this month.

Write down five things you want to do for spring:

During spring, you can go outside more, which means more park outings, outdoor bars and restaurants, and festivals. Find some things you want to try this season.

One thing I am letting go of this month is…

Every month, you should let go of something that doesn’t serve you. Use this prompt as an opportunity to think of something or someone that no longer flows in your life. Think about what it should be removed as well.

Journal prompts to use during the end of the month:

Writing prompts to focus on during the last weeks in April to reflect.

My favorite moments from April:

Reflect on what happened in April and write down your favorite memories and explain why they were your favorite memories.

List five things you accomplished in April:

There’s nothing like acknowledging your wins whether they are small or big, take this as an opportunity to write down what you accomplished.

Write down one new thing you tried in April:

Each month you should try to do something different, write down what you did new in April!

One thing I learned in April…

This prompt requires you to think about what you learned in April and how it made you feel. It can be a new hobby, skill or lesson.

Write down 10 things you were grateful for in April:

Being grateful is a good way to always count your blessings and goals, think of some moments or wins that you are grateful for.

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