5 things I wish I knew before starting a fashion blog

Fashion blogs are fun to have but also lot of work.

Having a fashion blog is a lot of effort.

When I started my fashion blog, it was more of a space to build clips for my journalism portfolio. I then started making fashion content and realized I could combine my Instagram content with my blog.

During my journey, I have learned a lot about blogging, websites, Google, and just trying to stay positive when everything seems to be falling apart. From website crashes, not understanding hosting sites, search engine optime struggles to doubt, it’s been a journey.

Here are five things I wish I knew before starting a fashion blog:

Growing a following can be complicated

Once you create your blog, you have to promote it to readers and subscribers. I started my blog during my college years, and I didn’t have startup money.

At first, I wasn’t using a hosting site, but I wanted my own domain. I eventually brought one of GoDaddy.

I thought growing followers would be a breeze, but it’s a lot if you don’t know SEO, pay for ads or completely understand the power of search engines.

You can promote all day long on social media, but if people aren’t feeling your blog, they aren’t going to subscribe.

One thing I wish I had done earlier was to build a subscriber list before I posted blog posts. I could’ve had a larger following to help push my content out.

Getting monetized is easy, but making money is hard

When I first started my blog, my biggest goal was to get monetized for Google Adsense. It took maybe one or two years for monetization because my site was new.

Even with my ads, I don’t make sustainable money as a fashion blogger. So far, I haven’t even brought in $50 yet, and I’ve been monetized for two years.

Now, part of that is my fault and in a few topics below, I talk about how I lacked consistency with my blog.

However, one thing I wish I knew about a fashion blog is how competitive it is to get on the first page on Google and why having a following helps so that when you add ads to your site, you will have enough traffic to generate traction.

SEO is important

After working for a local newspaper, I learned new techniques for SEO. I also researched additional tips on improving your chances of landing on the first page of Google.

Why does landing on the top page of Google matter?

I’ve mentioned this first page a few times because landing on the first page of Google means more chances that users will see your post. It also helps generate page views and more people to your site, which could result in new subscribers.

Before I started this fashion blog, I wish I knew how keywords and phrases play a major part in SEO and landing on search engines.

Staying consistent is a goal

With anything you want to succeed in, you have to stay consistent.

I am pretty big on making sure I check off every box before I release anything. With that, if something isn’t right or doesn’t feel up to par, I won’t release it. Then, I get inconsistent because I sit around dwelling on it and eventually get distracted by something else.

When having a fashion blog, you have to stay consistent, especially with a new one. Do not lose momentum as a new blog because you are trying to gain notoriety. You are trying to become a constant name in the algorithm.

Plus, you’re fighting against websites that have been online for years. Push yourself to be consistent or your content will never get the shine it deserves.

Support is key to a successful blog

As a blogger, you need support from your friends, family, and people in your niche.

Think about the people you know and how they can help support your fashion blog. If you know a photographer, they can take photos. If you know a writer, they can proofread. Let the people you know support you where you lack.

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