10 journal prompts to use in March 2024

Journal prompts to use during March.

Writing prompts to reflect and plan out your month.

Using prompts is a great way to write out your goals, affirmations and tasks for the month.

Here are 10 journal prompts to use in March 2024:

Write down five goals for March:

This prompt is self-explanatory, it focuses on what you want to achieve this month in terms of goals. Also, make sure to note how you plan to achieve those goals for March.

What are three activities you want to do in March?

Think about three activities you want to complete during March. It could be a new hobby, exercise or even a vacation.

I believe March will bring…

You can write down five affirmations on what you believe March will bring to you. This is a great way to stay positive and focus on bettering your life.

One restaurant, I want to try this month is…

This prompt requires you to try something new. What is one restaurant you may have seen on social media or rode past that you may want to try?

This month I will not…

Think about something you don’t wanna do this month and answer the question of why you don’t want to do that particular action.

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Journal prompts to use during the end of the month:

Writing prompts to focus on during the last weeks in March to reflect.

So far, March has felt…

Write down how March has felt whether it’s positive or negative. Just make sure to note the why behind your thoughts and feelings.

One thing I have learned in March is…

Each month should be an opportunity for new growth and learning. Jot down something you learned in March.

My favorite memory of March is…

Write down a memory that stood out or made you feel your best.

List three things you were grateful for in March:

Having gratitude is a great way to stay positive and not reflect negatively on your life. Use this prompt as a chance to express that.

Write down five reasons March was a good month:

Think about the good moments of March and explain why those moments were good and worthy to note.

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