6 tips on how to become a fashion blogger in 2024

Creating a fashion blog takes dedication and commitment.

Being a fashion blogger is not dead.

A fashion blogger is someone who typically writes and curates content regarding fashion. They cover trends, aesthetics, and fashion shows or provide fashion tips.

Becoming a fashion blogger is quite easy and you can make a career out of it if you grow a following and connect with individuals who enjoy your content.

Here are six tips on how to become a fashion blogger in 2024:

1. Brainstorm topics

The first step in becoming a fashion blogger is creating a guideline of topics you want to cover.

You can talk about fashion shows in your local city, outfit guides, current fashion designers and trends. Those are just a few ideas but you need to have a few main topics that you’re going to cover so you will know what to write about.

Plus make sure to brainstorm the type of fashion blog you want to provide to readers, is it casual? Do you want an elegant look or something more vintage and trendy?

Think of different ways you plan to execute your fashion blog and make it unique.

Research your niche

Once you have done your brainstorming, you should research your niche.

You can research your niche before you brainstorm to have a better understanding of what a fashion blog is but it’s really up to you. However, I suggest researching the niche afterward because then you have an idea of where your ideas and topics would fall in the world of fashion blogging.

It’s ideal to do a bit of research, look at inspiration and see what’s out there so you can make yours how you want to be and also keep it different.

Create the content

Once you have ideas, it’s time to start creating and planning out the content.

With my fashion blog, I typically make blog posts that also coincide with my Instagram page where I also create fashion content.

If I am doing a themed week dedicated to thrift fashion, I am most likely going to create a blog post that touches on a subject that’s related to thrift fashion. That way, I can use my photos and videos from my Instagram on my blog.

It’s best to start writing content using Microsoft Word or Google Docs so you can always have a backup copy.

This is a crucial step in the process because you need content for the website before you even build the website.

Create a website

When you have some key elements of what your fashion blog is going to be, it’s then time to think of where it’s going to be hosted online.

Are you going to use sites like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or Blogger?

Another option is creating the blog from scratch using WordPress, or GoDaddy.

After you have decided which website builder is your choice, it’s time to think about themes and design.

If you don’t want to deal with all the tech-heavy stuff, just hire someone to make your site for you. Since I did not go that route I am not entirely sure if that works or is the best option, but I am sure a quick Google search can help you with that.

Make a social media page

Once you have made your website, it’s time to start promoting your content on a social media page for organic reach.

I typically use Instagram stories, Facebook Pages and Pinterest to post my blog posts. I use a collection of researched hashtags and keywords to reach potential subscribers.

Promote outside of social media

The biggest thing with a blog is trying to reach subscribers and building a community.

If social media isn’t working for you, head to local fashion events and create a name for yourself.

You can start small by going to free fashion shows, designer showcases, fashion talks, or somewhere you can pass out business cards.

Yes, as a fashion blogger, you need business cards or some kind of flyer to showcase your blog.

Try to host different fashion events to promote your brand. You can create fashion shows, clothing swaps, shopping meets ups or networking events to promote your blog.

Don’t get discouraged

Growing a blog from scratch is very hard and can require a lot of time and patience.

For me, I have made under $100 on my blog so far and I have had it a few years. (I’ve made money using Google Adsense)

One of my biggest tips is just execute, do your best, make quality content and just make sure to never give up.

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