5 stylish fashion brands to buy from in March 2024

Fashion brands to check out for more stylish and trendy fashions.

Seeking a new fashion brand?

Rather its streetwear, couture or ready-to-wear, finding a new fashion brand is always fun. You fall in love with their styles, shapes, patterns and of course their clothing pieces

Hare are five fashion brands to buy from in March:

Reasonably price brand: Bershka

Bershka carries your typical trendy fashion styles. It’s your upgraded H&M if you want more stylish clothing pieces.

High-end brand: Diesel

The high end brand of March is Diesel. If you’re seeking high end equality and trendy fashion pieces, this brand is going to be your best bet.

It’s chic, street and artistic.

Streetwear brand: Engineered by Dre

This is for my Detroiters and street-wear folks who like uniqueness.

Engineered by Dre creates engineer inspired pieces like work shirts, and now duffle bags and backpacks to add to the “work life” streetwear experience.

Black-owned brand: Ciriaco


If you are seeking a black-owned brand to shop in March, Ciriaco is the way to go.

Not only is it chic and heavily retro inspired it’s not going to cost you an arm and leg for a good quality !handbag.

Thrift: Totally Rad Vintage Fest is coming to Detroit

A moving thrift convention called Totally Rad Vintage Fest is coming to Michigan on March 16 at Huntington Place which is downtown Detroit.

The event features different thrift vendors that sell vintage tees, clothing, jackets, cameras, plushies, and more.

General admission tickets are currently available on Totally Rad Vintage Fest website.

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