5 Valentine’s Day date night ideas for at-home in 2024

The perfect at home date night ideas.

A girl can dream.

While I may not spend Valentine’s Day with a lover, I have ideas featuring cool date night ideas for at home.

These are perfect for those couples who would rather enjoy their time together at home than in crowds. Introverts, this is for you.

Here are five at-home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day in 2024:

Netflix and cuddles?

Plan a movie night with your partner with your favorite snacks.

This is a perfect way of getting all your favorite snacks and enjoying your honey’s company.

Just make sure you all pick a good movie or show to watch.

Shows to check out on Netflix:

  • Fool Me Once
  • Champion
  • Outer Banks
  • The Marked Heart

Let’s picnic

Okay, an indoor picnic can be fun if you live in a cold state like Michigan!

All you need is a menu, blankets, pillows, games and even some decor if you want to go all the way out!

Make s’mores if you want to keep the picnic vibes alive.

Game night

If you’re planning an indoor picnic, you can incorporate a game night.

You and your partner can plan those relationship games, or whip out the board games like Monopoly and The Game of Life for hours of fun.

If you want to get competitive, I highly recommend UNO’s latest game No Mercy.

DIY with bae

What’s a couple without a few DIY projects?

Creating crafts together as a couple builds personality in the relationship, in my opinion. Plus, it’s a fun or cute way to test each other creative skills!

If you don’t want to bring out the paints and glue, you can buy edible Valentine’s Day houses from Target. It’s similar to a gingerbread house!

Check out my latest blog post featuring a guide on how to DIY a heart-shaped box.

Karaoke Time

This is one of those date night ideas that require you to be comfortable around your partner.

Create a playlist of your favorite tunes, let your partner do the same, or find a karaoke playlist on YouTube, buy a microphone and boom, a karaoke date night session!

Not only is this fun and corky, but it’s also a chance to let loose and be yourself.

Bonus: Cooking competition

Alright, this idea is about showing up and showing out in the kitchen.

Make your best dish or baked good for your partner, then have them make theirs. You all can do it at the same time or after each other, and then you both judge or leave the competition side of things.

Instead, you enjoy each other’s time, effort and cooking skills in making these dishes.

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