8 valentine's day gift ideas for 2024

8 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2024

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your partner!

Instead of buying a boring Valentine’s Day this year, buy something with extra flair.

Valentine’s Day is perfect for showing your honey how much you love and care for them. From yummy chocolates to smell goods, there are a variety of items you can buy your lover.

Here is a guide on 8 Valentine’s Day gift ideas to get your lover:

New handbag or wallet


Spice up your partner’s wardrobe with a new handbag or wallet. Make sure to buy them one that’s trendy and also their style.

Who doesn’t love a new handbag?

Gift cards to their favorite place

Consider buying a gift card to their favorite place so they can save some cash the next time they visit.

This is an easy gift idea to get your partner, but I suggest you buy something else to go along with it!

Some new electronics

Keep your partner updated on the latest technology with a new pair of AirPod Maxes or a new iPad Pro.

Where to buy cool new electronics:

  • Apple website
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Amazon

Tickets to a place of their dream

Have you been paying attention to where your bae wants to visit? Can they not stop talking about wanting to try that flat-pancake pizza from New York or the saucy pie pizza from Chi-Town?

The trip doesn’t have to be long, just plan a weekend getaway for the two of you to somewhere they want to visit!

Buy their favorite perfume or cologne

Spoil your partner with their favorite scent so they can stay smelling good and not run out!

Perfume mist recommendation?

Sol de Janeiro sells a good line of scents that are not that strong and last. They start around $24 and can be bought at Ulta Beauty or Sephora.

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A trip to the spa

Book your honey a spa getaway for them to get pampered and relax!

You can join them, so the date night doesn’t just end on Valentine’s Day night!

Specialty gift

Hello Kitty items from Five Below

Think about what your partner likes and buy them a gift that shows how much you care about them and how attentive you are.

If you’re partner likes Hello Kitty, find them a Hello Kitty plush or gift basket. If they’re into reading, buy them a book bouquet and their favorite wine.

This is the perfect gift to get creative and have fun with.

The typical gifts

These are the typical gifts that most stores and media push for Valentine’s Day gifts.

  • Flowers
  • Plush
  • Candy
  • Cards

If you’re interested in a flower shop in the metro Detroit area where you can find unique flowers and plushies, check out The Flower Boutique Detroit in Dearborn.

The shop also offers a cafe inside called the Rose Cafe, which features a variety of drinks and sweet treats.

The Flower Boutique Detroit is located at 620 N. Telegraph Road, Dearborn.

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