6 solo date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Solo date ideas for a peaceful Valentine’s Day.

Spending Valentine’s Day alone?

It’s okay, I am too. There is nothing wrong with spending Valentine’s Day alone if you’re single. There is nothing wrong with spending Valentine’s Day alone and wanting to still enjoy it.

From going out to get coffee or to treating yourself out to dinner, there are a variety of options to still have fun.

Here are six solo date ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Go to the coffee shop

Before you go to work, make an effort to stop by the coffee shop to buy a delicious latte, coffee or specialty drink. Make sure to get yourself a muffin or donut as well!

If you’re a student, put on your best outfit gather up some work and spend the day there!

If neither of these categories fit you, still make the effort to get cute, gather a planner or journal and head down to the coffee shop.

Coffee shops are fun and it allows you to try something new and enjoy your solitude.

Check out my recent guide on tips on how to enjoy a solo coffee date.

Go to the movies

Now there may be a million couples stuffing each other’s faces with popcorn and candy but that doesn’t mean you have to pay them any attention.

Find a movie you want to see at your local cinema and find a good time to go.

Buy yourself some yummy snacks and have a blast!

Remember you’re doing this for yourself.

Visit a new restaurant

Dinner from Loco’s Tex-Mex Grille in Greektown Detroit.

If you want to avoid couples, it’s best to go a few days either before or after Valentine’s Day. There’s still a chance couples will be out but at least it won’t feel like couples are surrounding you.

Check out your local social media pages for restaurant recommendations and find a few potential spots.

If you want to get risqué, wear a cute outfit, skip the restaurant and head down to a local bar. You may find your next beau.

Go shopping

Spoil yourself. Get in your car, drive to the closest mall and buy yourself a new trinket.

Then drive to your local grocery store, and buy some flowers and some candy. Boom, now you have a Valentine’s Day gift.

Try out a new attraction

Take yourself on an adventure to somewhere you’ve never been before. It could be an arcade, go-karting or even a local candle-making class.

You can use apps like Eventbrite to find new events and attractions around your city or area.

Visit a museum

Museums are a great opportunity to learn and explore.

You can wear a cute casual outfit, head to the museum then take yourself out to lunch or dinner after the outing. Don’t forget to stop at the gift shop for a souvenir!

Detroit museums to visit:

Detroit Historical Museum: 5401 Woodward Ave., Detroit

Detroit Institute of Art: 5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit

Charles H.Wright Museum of African American History: 315 E. Warren Ave., Detroit

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