5 Valentine’s Day- themed content ideas for social media for 2024

Valentine’s Day is one of the cutest holidays to experiment with for content.

The love season is approaching.

If you’re a business owner, content creator or post on social media for fun, creating themed content is a great way to stay trendy. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to create content that’s pink, white, and red, and spreads much love. There are various ideas, from shopping videos to gift ideas to DIY projects to try this year.

Here are five Valentine’s Day-themed content ideas for social media:

Valentine themed videos

Create videos that show Valentine’s Day gifts, decoration ideas, crafts and more.

These videos are great for getting in the mood for the holiday and keeping your followers intrigued with your content. It’s also an opportunity to get creative and try something new with your social media pages.

As a small business owner, this opportunity could show you making items behind the scenes, shopping for Valentine’s Day items or showing what you have planned for the season.

List of videos to create

  • Gift ideas – Give ideas on the best VDay gifts
  • Show off your VDAY decor
  • VDay shopping items – Where to buy VDay items, cute supplies
  • Baking videos- Show videos of you making Valentine’s cookies, cupcakes and cakes
  • Restaurant videos showing good date night places
  • Date night outfit lookbooks
  • Valentine’s Day outfit ideas

If you don’t want to create new content, repurpose some of your old content and change the title to Valentine’s Day ideas.

Also, look at what people want regarding Valentine’s Day and create content that answers or touches on those subjects.

Curate a Valentine’s Day Feed

Using filler photos, you can create a feed that’s curated to relate to Valentine’s Day, it can be photos of flowers, candy, baked goods, style looks, or even decor that represents the love month.

You can create cover images for the videos you create and those can fill your feed.

A good way to plan your feed is using apps like Preview from the App Store or Feed Preview.

To curate a theme for your feed, pick a color, items and topics you want to include and then use the planning apps to create a cohesive feed.

Create 5 Valentine’s Day outfits

If you’re a fashion content creator, create a series that shows a few Valentine’s Day-themed outfits. Search your closet for those reds, and pinks and style some looks.

Go even further and create some Galentine’s Day looks and date night outfits.

Host a Galentine’s Day Party

Hosting a Galentine’s Day party is a great option to gather with friends and create trendy videos or even blog posts showing how to host a Galentine’s Day party.

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13. You can buy some decor from local stores like Target, Walmart, Five Below, Michaels or Dollar Tree. Consider recording yourself getting the decor and supplies for the party to create a vlog video.

Find some recipes or ideas on Pinterest and then make a menu. That can be another video of you showing how to make heart-shaped cookies, foods, and specialty drinks.

After you create all those videos, set up the venue and make that a video as well, once the party begins, make sure to get shots of that too.

That can be about three to six videos of content and one final video. You can reuse videos as broll with motivational quotes and inspiration and even use them for next year.

Just make sure you remember to enjoy the party!

Create a DIY photoshoot

This is a fun DIY project that can show your creative skills and also create a fun look for your social media pages.

Think of an idea for your photoshoot, look at inspiration, gather your props and use the equipment you have to shoot the photos.

You can use your phone or camera, as a way to capture the photos. Try to make it cost-effective for a good hook for social media.

If you want to create more content, record yourself setting up the scene for the DIY photoshoot.

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