How Clueless fashion inspired the 2010s and beyond : Fashion with Chan

Chit chat on how Clueless fashion is inspired in today’s society.

A 90s film that fashion still shines in the 2020s and beyond.

It’s been over 25 years since Amy Heckerling’s Clueless adaption hit the screens.

From the iconic plaid two-piece set that the leading character Cher wore in the first scenes of the movie to the Alaïa red mini dress, the movie is a staple in fashion.

Let’s talk about how the movie inspired fashion in today’s society of trends:

What is Clueless?

Clueless, 1995 is a coming-of-age film that focuses on the life of Cher Horowitz a rich, Beverly Hills girl who’s spoiled, privileged, but fashionable. It follows her experiencing high school, dealing with annoying teachers, and boys, with her best girl pal Dionne Davenport. These two together are a dynamic fashion duo who want to help their not-so-attractive teachers Miss Toby Geist and Mr.Hall plus the new girl on the scene Tai Frasier played by the late actress Brittany Murphy.

During the movie, you will see Cher and Dionne wearing some of the hottest fashions, from Calvin Klein to Dolce & Gabbana and Alaïa.

Heckerling’s inspiration for this movie came from Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma, a book that focuses on a character that’s similar to Cher.

The movie follows a theme of, snobby rich kids wearing designer clothes, getting nose jobs and driving sports cars. While also looking super fashionable while doing so.

The costume designer

Clueless would not be the movie it was if it was for the fashion, thanks to Mona May, the costume designer on set.

May is known for her works in Clueless,  Romy and Michele’s Highschool Reunion, The Wedding Singer and more!

May explain in the podcast on The Capsule 98 that they mixed second-hand, low-end and high-end pieces together to create the style that we saw Cher and Dionne often in.

The inspiration behind the fashion was the high-end fashion that the Beverly Hills girls were wearing when Heckerling visited their schools. May and Heckerling collaborated on looks to create the fashion staples we saw in the movie according to an article from Elle featuring May.

According to the feature with Elle, May dressed young Alicia Silverstone in classic attire such as cap sleeves, blazers, A-line skirts and empire dresses while Stacey Dash who was a little older wore more sassy mini skirts, leopards and vinyl.

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Clueless in today’s fashion

Thanks to rapper Iggy Azalea to fashion house Versace, Clueless is alive and thriving.

That plaid two-piece set will never go away. It’s a staple in fashion and everyone knows it’s inspired by Cher’s opening scene outfit in the movie.

While Y2K and the preppy aesthetic are still trending, we know the 90s film inspires it. From the knee socks paired with the loafers of the two-piece plaid sets that Cider or Zara is selling, the inspiration behind it is Clueless.

Nowadays we see celebrities channeling their inner Clueless in music videos by paying homage to the iconic stars of the film.

The mixing of low-end fashion mixed with high-end fashion is something that I do today. I also see a lot of Parisian fashion influencers wearing fashion similar to Clueless looks as well.

Brand collaborations

Recently Revolution collaborated with Clueless to create a makeup collection inspired by the featuring plaid press on nails, lip glosses, a plaid cosmetic bag and eye shadow pens that feature a fluff ball on the tip.

Clueless also released a board game for slumber parties!

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