Tips on how to tackle the fashion world in 2023

5 tips on how to get into fashion in 2023

Learning about fashion doesn’t have to be hard.

Rather it’s fashion jobs or trying to develop a fashion style, fashion is changing.

Nowadays trends are a BIG thing in fashion. From fashion influencers to big-name designers, all are tackling trends.

On the flip side of that, many fashion enthusiasts are not following trends and are actually trying to understand how to be more sustainable, find their own sense of style and look good while doing so.

Here is a guide on how to get into fashion in 2023:

Know who’s leading the industry

The first step in getting into fashion is to know who is leading the industry. Meaning, do your research and see which brands are trending at the moment. Your classic brands like Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are always leading but other brands like Diesel, Mugler and Miu Miu are some brands I have seen trend tremendous the past couple of years.

Stay up to date with different brands by following their socials and subscribing to fashion magazine newsletters and such. The Business of Fashion offers a fashion newsletter and articles that provide a lot of updates on what is happening in the fashion industry.

Find ways to be sustainable

Sustainability is another key to getting into fashion nowadays, as the world shifts and climate change takes over. You have to be sustainable in the way you live, by not over-consuming, knowing where you’re shopping at, and tackling the world of fast fashion.

Develop a personal style

Creating a personal style is not easy, it involves time and effort and a lot of research. When I was trying to develop a personal style, I turned to Pinterest to create mood boards of different styles and looks I liked. I started shopping at thrift stores for low-cost clothing items and I would mix those pieces with items I would get from H&M or Forever 21. I think that helped me develop my style by mixing different clothing pieces together to create a look that resonated with what I wanted.

Check out my blog post that talks about how to find your fashion sense.

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Research fashion archives

Pinterest became my number-one source for all things fashion. I pinned or researched different brands, their old runway shows, their history and so much more. Getting into fashion requires you to know the history of the brands you are supporting. It’s important because you don’t want to support brands that have a history of racism, sexism, homophobia and a variety of other things. Always know the brand you are wearing and make that executive decision if you want to support them or not.

Actively participate in fashion

Go to local fashion shows in your city, go to fashion showcases, and follow local designers. I think it’s always important to know the fashion scene in your city and to understand the community that makes it up as well. You can’t be a fashion girly if you aren’t actively following the leading brands, designers and creative directors!

It’s best to be in the know about fashion and pay attention as well to where it’s going.

Michigan Fashion Week is one of the latest, and biggest fashion event coming to Detroit in June.

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