Spring fashion trends for 2023

Spring fashion trends for 2023

Spring fashion is full of jorts and
denim on denim looks.

It seems like this year everyone is having their cowgirl moment.

Spring is normally festival time and of course this year with Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour heading into town, everyone is going disco.

This year we are seeing tons of different trends like cowgirl boots, denim, jorts, and midi skirts.

Here are trends we are seeing this spring:

1. Denim on denim

Standing on the fact that Diesel made denim cool again. Everyone is wearing denim, rather it’s a mini skirt, jacket or even a pair of boots covered in denim. Then they are wearing denim on denim together which for a couple of years was deemed wack in fashion.

2. Cowgirl boots

Cowgirl boots are becoming another hot trend because of the disco movement we’re experiencing with Beyoncé’s Renaissance era. Everyone is going for that disco cowgirl style. Plus shops like Akira and Public Desire are taking cowgirl looks to the extent with bold printed cowgirl boots in a variety of colors.

3. Silver

I am too big of a fan but silver is having its moment too. Many folks are incorporating silver into their wardrobe by wearing silver boots, purses, and other accessories.

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4. Knitwear

The crochet movement is progressing more and more, individuals are wearing knit pieces with their looks. They are putting it with denim and other fabric materials to create that ultimate layered look.

5. Jorts

This trend is icky but jorts are trending this spring. Many are wearing oversized jorts with cropped tees. I can see this trend spiraling over into summer.

Honorable mentions

1. Corsets

Corsets have been trending for the last couple of years but this year I am seeing people wear them with midi skirts and denim.

2. Midi skirts

I noticed the midi skirt trend is still popular and people are getting more jazzy versions. Now the midi skirts have thigh splits and ruffles.

3. Ruffles

Many tops, dresses and skirts this spring all have this ruffled look rather it’s at the top or the bottom of the garment.

Where to buy these items

1. Princess Polly

2. H&M

3. Zara


5. Akira

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