5 tips on how to not feel lonely on Valentine’s Day

Spending your Valentine’s Day alone doesn’t have to be too hard.

Valentine’s Day can seem hard if you plan to spend it alone.

You see everyone with their photos, gifts, even decorated hotel rooms and it can be a lot.

That doesn’t mean that you have to feel sour because you don’t have those things or people to spend that day with.

Here is a guide on how to not feel super lonely on Valentine’s Day:

1. Just don’t go out

Now if you have to go into a 9-5 office job or in person it may hard to just “ignore” all the Valentine’s Day festivities or situations that may come up. So this may not work for you.

If you don’t work a 9-5 then just ignore the festivities. Don’t go out to eat, don’t stop at CVS on the way home, just go home.

No need to be depressed, right?

This applies to whatever day Valentine’s Day shows up on. If it’s a weekend just don’t shop or go out that day if it’s a weekday go to work and try your best to ignore it all.

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2. Treat it like a normal day

This tip is a little different than the first one because this tip calls for you to literally act like the day doesn’t exist.

If you don’t fall into the traps of Valentine’s Day, you have a better chance at not feeling the feels on Valentine’s Day.

3. Treat yourself

Take the day as a opportunity to spoil YOU. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, chocolates and cozy up with a movie.

I plan to buy myself a heart shape pizza, candy and my favorite bottle of wine. Then I am going to watch some movies.

Here is my guide on eight solo date ideas for 2023.

4. Hang with friends or family

Host a last-minute Galentine’s Day party with your close friends. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends and have a super cute party. Spending time with your family is also a good idea because you all can enjoy each other’s company, get food and play board games.

5. Remember that it’s just a day

A lot of times social media or just overall people can make you feel like it’s crazy to be alone or not celebrate the day.

You have to instill it your mind that it’s just a day and it’s totally okay if you don’t want to celebrate it or have anyone to celebrate with it.

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