8 solo date ideas for Valentine’s Day in 2023

Spending Valentine’s Day alone doesn’t have to be boring. Here is a guide on how to have an successful Valentine’s Day.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone… you might as well have a good time.

Being alone on Valentine’s Day can be a very uncomfortable feeling when you see so many people in love, being spoiled. It can be very hard but that’s when you have to realize that you can do all those things (buy gifts, go on dates) yourself.

Now it may not feel the same versus someone else doing those things for you but the power to love yourself, treat yourself, take yourself on a date is a very rewarding experience.

Here is a guide on eight solo dates you should experience for Valentine’s Day:

1. Pequeño Cantina

Chicken Quesadillas from Pequeño Cantina

This is a restaurant that’s located in Detroit, Michigan and it’s soooo good. It’s a small intimate restaurant on the city’s west side on Livernois.

It’s Mexican inspired so they sell things like tacos, quesadillas , beans, rice and fresh fruit margaritas.

Take yourself on a date here and it’s guaranteed with good food!

19329 Livernois., Detroit

2. Target

Target is a date. That is something I stand by…

Take yourself to Target and ball out! Buy that book or beauty product you been waiting.

Don’t forget to get your Starbucks on the way out.

3. Jojo’s Shake Bar

Jojo’s Shake Bar is fun with friends but why not try it by yourself!

Take yourself on a small date to this funky space! They serve food and are most known for their milkshakes. It’s also Instagram worthy so put on your best fit for some pictures!

88 W. Columbia St., Detroit

4. Biggby Coffee

I love Biggby!

Solo coffee date? It’s simple but it’s still something. Take yourself out to Biggby Coffee for a journaling day or just go and people watch.

When you start to do little things like that it makes toy more comfortable to go to bigger spaces by yourself.

Stuck? Check out my guide on how to have an awesome solo coffee date!

5. Salentine Party

We all have heard of a “ Galentine’s Party” which is a party women typically have with their other women friends. A Salentine’s party is something I just made up… BUT it’s a solo Valentine’s Day party.

I know many are probbsly wondering how do you have a party by yourself?

Well it’s quite simple get some decorations, buy your favorite wine, a heart shaped pizza, some candy or your favorite snack then boom you got yourself a party! Get your speaker for some tunes or cozy up to a movie with your fuzzy socks.

Normalize enjoying your own company and celebrating YOU.

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6. A solo trip to the movie theater

Before I started my journey of solo dolo activities, I would have never went to the movie theater by myself.

Nowadays I do go to the movie theater by myself and it’s actually not as bad as I thought.

Just make sure you go a couple days before Valentine’s Day so you don’t have to sit next to the couples! (Just kidding… not really)

7. Take a trip to your local bar or go wine tasting

St.Julian is a winery and distillery in Troy, Michigan.

I have never went to the bar by myself but I definitely would go.

I think you should go to the local bar as a solo date because you never know what or who you may find!

It’s nothing wrong with going with friends but make an effort to have those “fun” or moments by yourself as well.

If the bar trip is too much, just go wine tasting! It’s a cute, inexpensive solo date!

St.Julian Winery in Troy is a popular wine tasting spot in Michigan! They offer monthly memberships to come in and try their wines plus take wine home.

8. Shopping date at the mall

Take yourself out and spoil YOU. It’s nothing wrong with going to the mall by yourself and going on a mini shopping spree.

Go early morning or whatever time you see is feasible. I suggest early morning because malls are typically quieter around that time and it’s a more peaceful shopping experience.

After you shop around your favorite stores head to the food court or get you a Auntie Anne’s pretzel!

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