Five trendy restaurants to try for Valentine's Day.

5 trendy restaurants to try for Valentine’s Day in Michigan

Tacos anyone?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, these are a few restaurants that you may want to try for a new food experience.

Majority are in Detroit and are not super expensive and serve your typical American cuisine.

Here are five restaurants to try for Valentine’s Day in Michigan:


This restaurant is located in Hollywood Casino in Greektown. It’s a little on the expensive side with their steaks, calamari and other dishes. It’s one of the places, you wear your best fit and get a glass of wine.

The attire is business casual and you most likely need to make reservations.

555 E. Lafayette St., Detroit

Jojo’s ShakeBAR

Patron Tower from Jojo's ShakeBAR.

Jojo’s isn’t for everybody and the food isn’t five star quality. You go to Jojo’s for the shakes, drinks and desserts. It’s not super expensive and folks are free to wear what they but it’s safe to bring at least $50 or more with you if you plan to order an entree, drinks, or desserts.

Try their Patron tower.

88 W. Columbia St., Detroit

La Palapa del Parian

Authentic Mexican food from La Palapa del Parian.

This is for my authentic Mexican food eaters. Make sure to check out this Southwest Detroit hidden food spots for some yummy tacos and rice.

Meals aren’t overpriced neither it’s quite reasonable.

1633 Lawndale St., Detroit

Sugar Factory

This is another space that you go for the drinks and desserts. It’s a great atmosphere but not great for a first date because it’s a little on the loud side. If you want some sweet treats, then definitely give this spot a chance!

They’re typically known for their goblet drinks which are $39 and come in a big goblet glass with over 20 drink flavors and dry ice.

Guests are free to wear what they want but it’s best to make reservations in advance for large parties.

45 Monroe St., Detroit

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Pequeño Cantina

Chicken quesadillas from Pequeño Cantina.

I am an big advocate for this Mexican-inspired food place because the food is always A-1. It’s like a hidden gem right in the middle of the city.

They typically serve tacos, rice, quesadillas plus cocktail drinks. It’s not overly expensive but it can get pricey with drinks.

19329 Livernois Ave., Detroit

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