Top 10 Christmas Songs

Top 10 Christmas songs, you need to listen too this year!

Christmas music is joy for the soul.

From Cheetah Girls to Mariah Carey, I truly believe that I have the best Christmas music playlist.

1. 8 Days of Christmas- Destiny’s Child

2. Cheetah-licious Christmas- Cheetah Girls

This song is nostalgic for me, the Cheetah Girls did what they needed to do.

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3. All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey

The main CHRISTMAS song.

4. December – Ariana Grande

Baddie Christmas music. It’s a chill vibe.

5. This Christmas- Chris Brown

I can’t lie this is a banger.

6. Opera of the Bells- Destiny’s Child

Beyonce was SANGING!!!!

7. Silent Night- Pentatonix

They make GOOD Christmas music.

8. Sleigh Ride- TLC

This my jam, it’s AMAZING.

9. Snow in California- Ariana Grande

I am OBESSED with Ariana Grande’s Christmas songs.

This song right here… typically has me crying about my non-existent boyfriend. It’s such a bop.

10. Carol of the Bells – Candice Boyd

I love Carol of the Bells, and Candice Boyd killed it.

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