What to wear this winter 2022

An winter fashion guide that features outfit ideas and more.

Winter is coming in like it’s no tomorrow and I am honestly not shocked.

This winter, I definitely think that faux leather is in and hot. Everyone is wearing their faux leather pants or “vegan leather” hand bags. It’s in.

Here is a guide on what to wear this winter:

Mini skirts are still in

I love love mini skirts and the micro mini is not going anywhere. Everyone is obsessed and now paring them with tights and leg warmers.

Bold colors are in

The Versace pink started this all. Brands are going out the way this season to bring bold colors onto the shelves.

H&M created their own line of bold colors for this season as well.

The black bootie staple

Black booties sit on a shelf at a H&M store in Detroit.

Black booties are a fall and winter staple. They go with everything and can take a blah outfit to a “Ahh” outfit.

Chunky boots

When I say chunky boots, I am saying moon boots or these boots above. The idea of puffy, big boots is so on and everyone is wearing it.

You can pair these outfits with mini skirts, jeans (not wide leg) we want to see the BOOTS! You can pair boots like this with sweaters, just about anything just make sure you let the boot speak.

Glittery tops

Something about those glittery, glitzy dresses and outfit pieces are in right now. The idea of glamour is coming back and I think that’s going to create a super new look or trend in 2023.

Make sure you have your accessories

H&M sells a variety of scarves and hats.

Big chunky scarfs paired with leg warmers and boots is definitely a look you can pull off this season. If you live in a cold state like Michigan… you should be wearing a SCARF.

It’s a season to wear whatever you want

In the fall, I definitely am trying to stay warm. I dress cute but warm as well because that’s important!

As I always say, just wear what you want.

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