5 hobbies to try in May 2024

Hobbies to try in May for a successful month of new discoveries and fun.

Yoga, gardening, and jogging are hobbies to try this spring.

Having hobbies is a great way to expand your knowledge of different activities, develop new skills and have fun while doing so!

Here are five hobbies to add to your list in May:

Start gardening

Spring is the perfect time to start planting seeds rather they are fruits, flowers or vegetables.

Find a local market that sells seeds to start your green thumb journey.

Practice yoga

If you’re seeking a fun outdoor exercise, start practicing yoga. You can find group yoga programs locally or head to a park with a mat and practice alone. Just be mindful of park rules.

Create artwork

Grab some blank canvases and get to painting. It’s a creative hobby that allows you to express yourself visually using paint as a medium.

Start going on walks

A warm walk during the spring is great for exercise, self-care and just soaking up the good weather.

You don’t have to walk for long, 20 minutes to an hour is a pretty solid walk.

Plan picnics

Picnics are another great hobby to start during the warmer months like May because it allows you to get outside, enjoy the weather, eat yummy foods and relax in nature.

You can plan a picnic by getting a blanket, a few pillows, a basket or tote bag to carry snacks and drinks. Then you can bring a few activities like books, games, or journals for something to do at your picnic.

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