6 journal prompts for a successful May 2024

May journal prompts to tackle for a successful month of self expression.

Journal your thoughts this May.

Journaling allows you to express yourself while you write down goals, thoughts and feelings.

Here are six journaling prompts for a successful May 2024:

May is going to bring…

Using one word or phrase, write down what you predict May to bring. Think positively and about something you want to happen.

One thing I enjoy about Spring is…

Think about how spring makes you feel, does it make you feel refreshed and happy?

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Write down six goals for May

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I can’t wait to…

What is something you wanna do this month that stands out and will bring you joy?

Five ways May is going to be better than April

If April wasn’t a great month, think about how it will be different. What are you going to do differently that will make May more enjoyable?

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