What I would’ve told my younger self: Try new things

It’s not okay to do the same things every single day, take some time to try something new.

Trying new things takes time and a lot of dedication.

However, when you don’t attempt to try new things, you end up putting yourself in a box. A stagnant box never changes, it stays the same and is just blah.

Why you should try new things

It makes life more exciting when you try new things because you advance your skills, meet new people, grow as an individual and develop a sense of control for yourself.

It gives you something to look forward to as well. There is a sense of joy in knowing you are about to try something new, whether it’s a new skill you’re about to try, a discovery or an adventure.

It’s almost an unknown discovery that could come out of trying something new which makes it even more intriguing.

How to try new things

To start your journey of trying new things, make a list of things you want to try or what interests you. It could be sky diving, hiking, camping or even baking a new dish.

Tips on trying new things:

  • Meet new people from different backgrounds and careers
  • Vist new attractions
  • Connect with family and friends on new things to try
  • Start small- make a new dish, do a DIY project, find a new hobby

My experience in trying something new

Recently, I’ve started taking my content creation work very seriously, I’ve started by going to different events with unique individuals from different creative fields. Trying new things like modeling for local brands, eating different foods and tackling some of my desires are also new things I’ve added to my daily life.

On this journey, I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong with networking, and building a community outside of your normal community. I’ve also learned that I do like guacamole and that to be a model I need to be more confident.

Overcoming fear while trying something new

In all of these activities, I’ve also paid attention to how I felt, in some I felt free, in others I was shy but I believe when trying something new you will always feel a bunch of emotions because it’s SOMETHING NEW. It’s not something you’re used to but don’t let that discourage you. Use it as a way to advance yourself and your abilities.

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