5 tips on adding textures and patterns to your Spring outfits

Spring outfits need fashion looks that are unique through patterns and statement pieces.

Bring out the cheetah tights and plaids.

Adding textures and patterns to looks is a good way to make the outfit more stylish and unique. It adds flair and can turn a boring outfit into a more fun one!

Here are five tips on adding textures and patterns to your spring outfits:

Makes them more stylish

Adding printed tights for texture or plaids for patterns can help make an outfit more unique and appealing.

It’s more creative and adds a new stylish touch.

Adds variety

If you want try to a maximalist look, patterns and textures also help contribute to that aesthetic.

You can add tartan, houndstooth with leopard, florals and even gingham. It’s all about knowing the patterns and how to add them together.

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Creates dimensions

In styles that have a variety of patterns and textures, you create dimension. That can help make a long fit look lean paired with an oversized skirt or pair of big pants.

Adding patterned blazers, and overcoats also helps with the dimension of textures and patterns.

Makes an outfit bolder

Wearing various prints in an outfit can make a fit more cold and creative. It challenges the regular and creates something unique.

Statement pieces matter

Adding statement pieces will also add more flair and style to a look. Colorful, patterned and unique statement pieces also create a more stylish look.

You can use accessories for statement pieces as well that feature patterns, 3D prints or fabrics like denim, satin or knit.

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