All you need to know about: Girlfriend Collective

Sustainable activewear fashion brand making ethical clothing pieces

Seeking a sustainable athleisure wear brand?

Girlfriend Collective strives for ethical clothing for women of all sizes and backgrounds.

What is Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is an ethical fashion brand that sells activewear for sizes XXS-6XL. The brand uses recycled materials from old plastic water bottles. The brand also offers ReGirlfriend, which allows customers to send in their old Girlfriend Collective items and other non-Girlfriend Collectives for store credit.

Clothing pieces the brand offers

Girlfriend Collective offers a variety of pieces like intimates, leggings, sports dresses, shorts, camis, and bodysuits. The brand also offers accessories like socks, scrunchies,

Clothing pieces range from $12 to $195. The highest price item is “The Luxe Legging 2-Pack” originally priced at $216, a pack of luxurious leggings that are medium compressed, soft stretch and offer an ultra-plush feel, according to the Girlfriend Collective website.

Where to buy Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is currently available on their website.

Unique facts about Girlfriend Collective

  • The brand uses eco-friendly dyes and responsible water recycling, according to its website
  • Offers a student discount
  • Girlfriend to Girlfriend marketplace allows customers to buy second-hand clothing from previous shoppers of Girlfriend to Girlfriend
  • Supports a variety of causes like Black Girls Do STEM, Cool Earth, Doctors Without Borders, and SeekHer Foundation

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