5 tips on how to prepare for a pop-up shop in 2024

Preparing for a pop-up shop takes time and goal setting.

Small business owners should prepare for pop-up shops before attending.

Preparing for a pop-up shop looks like you setting goals, knowing what to sell and connecting with the hosts and other small business owners before you attend. Pop-up shops can be a wildcard so it’s good to plan.

Here are five tips on how to prepare for a pop-up shop in 2024:


One of the first steps in being a part of a pop-up shop is making sure to promote the event. Normally the pop-up shop host will have a flyer featuring the location, time, date and businesses that will be present.

It’s best to create your own flyers as well to promote on your social media that align with your brand.

Promote the flyers on your social media pages, and groups and have friends and family promote them as well.

Pro Tip: Record videos of you preparing for the pop-up shop to help promote.

Know what to sell

Before you head to your pop-up shop know what you want to sell and price it accordingly.

I typically like to sell my best sellers and items I know that are going to do well.

Pro Tip: Be aware of selling permits and laws regarding selling baked goods and food.

Plan a goal

With every pop-up shop you should have a goal rather that’s how many customers you meet in one day, how much you sell, how many new social media followers you want to gain and so on.

After the pop-up shop see if your goal was fulfilled, that helps determine if you will continue to do pop-up shops at that location or with that host.

Make a mock setup

One of the best things you can do is create a mock setup of your table or vending space before you vend because it allows you to figure out what your set up will look like.

Pack your car the night before

Packing your car the night before is a great way to minimzie time in the morning. It helps you prepare and not have to worry about scrambling the morning before.

If you are selling food, I recommend you not do that but if you sell nonfood items you should.

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