10 must-have items for pop-up shops in 2024

Things you don’t want to forget for your next pop-up.

Don’t forget these items at your next pop-up shop.

Pop-up shops are great opportunities for small business owners to connect with other small business owners and potential customers, plus showcase their products.

One of the issues a small business owner can have is knowing what to bring to pop-up shops.

Here are 10 must-have items for pop-up shops:

1. Business Cards

You should always bring business cards to pop-up shops because this is a way for customers to keep in touch. Plus, other small businesses can connect with you, and it’s an easy way to promote your brand.

Tip: Exchange business cards with other small business owners as a way of networking.

2. Brand Decoration

Have decoration that helps identify with your brand. Bring tablecloths, banners, stickers, keychains, and marketing signage.

Brand decorations look different for each brand. It requires you to understand and identify the messages you want your brand to convey.

3. Multiple forms of payment

Bring cash, a card reader, and one or two apps like Zelle or Paypal for customers to have a variety of ways to checkout.

4. Price sheet

While you can tell customers your price, create a price sheet including the prices of items you brought.

You can also create price tags to make it easier for the buyer.

5. An activity to do

Pop-up shops can be very long, and traffic flow changes a lot. Bring an activity related to your business to have something to do.

6. Calculator

Bringing a physical calculator helps add up totals. You can also use your phone calculator.

7. Stationery supplies

One mistake I made in my previous days of pop-up shops was not having scissors, pens, tape and a notebook handy. You may need to cut tags or tape up a sign, and the host may not have scissors or tape available.

8. Samples

If you’re a bake seller like me, having samples is a way for buyers to try your product before they buy. Plus it is a good marketing tactic to draw them in.

9. Cleaning supplies

At most pop-up shops, it’s required to buy a table and chair to rent or bring your own. When you set up your space, wipe down the table and chair before you set your decorations and products on the surface.

For safety precautions, bring wipes, antibacterial spray, and hand sanitizer to your next pop-up shop.

10. Trash Can

A small trash can near your pop-up shop space is essential because sometimes you need to toss out small papers, garbage, or wipes.

Bonus tips

Bring your best-sellers

Make sure to have your best items at pop-up shops so your small business becomes known for those items. It’s also essential to understand why these items are your best sellers because if customers ask, you’ll be able to explain.

Bring a social media plaque

A social media plaque or photo allows customers to follow you on social media, which can help your growth.

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