Day in the life of a single fashion blogger on Valentine’s Day in 2024

Follow on my day in my life as a single fashion blogger!

For this blog post, I wanted to take my readers along with me on my journey as a single fashion blogger on Valentine’s Day!

Overall, my day was pretty fun and I made a lot of content!

Here is a recap of my single Valentine’s Day in 2024

Burning eggs in the morning

I started my morning with some scrambled eggs and literally burned them. Sadly, I was too busy trying to get dressed and prepare my daily get ready with me for Instagram. I still ate them because fI didn;t want to waste food.

After I ate breakfast, I tried to watch a movie, but it was boring me, so I turned it off and returned to working on my content.

First was making sure I posted a Happy Valentine’s Day post on my story, next was texting my friends and telling them Happy Valentine’s Day.

Chan gets creative in the afternoon

After I did that, I wanted to try a new video style on my TikTok, where I just be delusional. Watch it here.

Then, I decided to get off my pretty behind and do a photoshoot because I went shopping a few weeks ago for a DIY photoshoot and wanted to use my props.

Photos of my Valentine’s Day shoot

The kitchen was not on my side today, I literally made a mistake and over-added ingredients to my cookie dough mix.

Also, here is my GRWM for the day!

Wine down Wednesdays and heart-shaped pizzas

Heart-shaped pizza from Hungry Howies for $7.99

It’s Valentine’s Day, so drinking wine is completely okay.

After driving to CVS to buy my mom some candy, I picked up some heart-shaped pizzas from Hungry Howies for $7.99. Last year, they were definitely cheaper…

I returned home around 5:30 p.m., sat down, and enjoyed my pizza with my mom and girl-talked a little bit, and watched her favorite soap opera General Hospital. She’s been watching it before I was even born, I am 23…

After chowing down on the pizza, I made a charcuterie board with cheeses, salamai, olives and candy because I wanted to enjoy my wine, a Cherry Moscato from Oliver. It was so good.

Blogging during the evening

Currently, I am sitting on my living room couch writing this blog and deciding to throw my cookies in the oven and make myself some popcorn to finish my single Valentine’s Day party. It’s honestly been a blast!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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