5 favorite accessories of January 2024

Winter accessories are perfect for adding flair to an outfit.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. That’s why it’s good to have a variety. Especially winter accessories ranging from hats, scarves to leg warmers.

Here are my five favorite accessories of January 2024:


Berets are my staple winter piece. They give Parisian vibes and can make an outfit look more attractive.

You can get creative with berets by buying ones with added jewels, pins and embroidery. Plus they come in a variety of shades.

Bucket hats

If styled with some groove, bucket hats are a great winter accessory. They are typically fun with streetwear or chic styles.

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Bandanas are a great retro accessory to add to streetwear looks. Especially the basic colors like blue,, white, and black or bold ones like orange, red, pink and green.

Knee socks

Knee socks are great to pair with loafers and knee boots. Especially knee socks that are patterned.

You can find them at H&M, Amazon, or your local beauty supply store.

Colorful tights

Colorful tights can make a break or an outfit. They can add texture, pattern and flair to an outfit.

I like to pair them with mini skirts, dresses and even ripped jeans.

Check out my five favorite outfits I wore in January.

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