5 stylish winter outfits I wore in January 2024

Check out a few of my favorite looks from January.

My looks in January were based on berets, color blocking and the 90s!

For January, I developed looks that were comfortable and also weather-friendly.

Here is a look at five stylish winter outfits from January:

Look 1: Coffee shop fit

My coffee shop looks are always my fave because I adore going to the coffee shop in a cute fit.

I started this look off with my fire pattern mini skirt and used the oranges, yellows and reds to base what my top and accessories were going to be.

My cropped sweater and orange purse are from H&M, and my fire pattern mini skirt is from SHEIN.

Look 2: Work fit

While working at H&M, I wore expressive clothing items so this look was inspired by my love for black and white clothing.

I based this look on my zig zag groovy pants and paired it with a baby tee and turtleneck. I love my white furry bucket hat so it was only right to add it.

My baby tee and zig-zag pants are from H&M.

Look 3: 90s sitcom hottie fit

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to dress a little more tomboyish so this style was my attempt at 90s streetwear fashion. This look was inspired by the late singer Aliyah who often wore bandanas.

I thought my graphic tee was a little more oversized so at first it was hanging loose but I decided to tie it in the back for a more cinched-in look and let the big baggy jeans do the talking.

The graphic tee and turtleneck are from H&M, and my jeans are from Value World.

Look 4: Color-blocking outfit

This look was one of my favorites because I love color blocking using three colors. I mixed baby blue, cotton candy pink and black for this look.

At first, I was hesitant about pairing the black striped sweater but thought it would be interesting to see with the pink and blue.

I would wear this shopping, to the coffee shop or out to brunch. My black and white sweater and pink turtleneck are from H&M and my mini skirt is from SHEIN.

Look 5: Game-day fit

One of my last best fits of the month is this pleated skirt look I wore for a Pistons game.

I recently found this jersey at The Salvation Army and I was super excited to pair it with this blue overcoat because they were almost the perfect shades together.

The pleated skirt is from Forever 21, the overcoat is from H&M, and underneath the jersey is a black bodysuit from H&M as well.

Hope you enjoyed these looks make sure to follow me on Instagram at @diaryofchan for more fashion looks and inspiration.

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