What love mean to me story

“What love means to me….” Short Story

Read a sappy love short story by Chandra Alilijah, before I was a journalist, I was a fiction writer.

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Saturday , February 13, 2021

It was the day before Valentine’s Day, I was spending the night like I normally do. You were a little distance that day though, you barely looked at me. You barely acted like you wanted me around. I thought we were going to have great first Valentine’s Day together but something wasn’t right. Where is my big giant gift? Where is my teddy bears? My flowers? Where are my rose petals? The surprise room? Nothing?

I lay in my bed laying flat with my hands over my tummy- no I am not pregnant. Secretly hoping I marry a football player and get pregnant by one- we made it yall!

On a real serious note I couldn’t get reality of what happened to me and my ex get out of my head. It replayed over and over again like a broken record player. I was tired of thinking about it. The end came so quick, or shall I say manifested quickly.

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I knew we were going to break up, it was in my head so much. It was a ticking bomb, a bomb that was counting down month by month. It go slow then it speed it up it would go super fast then it slow down… then it ran out of gas.

I shake the thoughts of my ex out of my head. Move on girl…

I grab my phone and head to Instagram and type in my celebrity crush. To keep my mind off you know.

My phone rings and it’s Jackie.

“Hi?”, I answered sluggishly.”


“Sitting here crying.” She sighs.


“I got sad,” I replied.


I let out a sigh, “Cause girl, I was thinking about…”


“My ex.” She sighs.

“Girl what?”

“Nothing…,” I whisper.

“Okaay anyway, wyd tomorrow?”

“Not a damn thing.”

“Uhh okay, well you wanna go to the coffee shop?”


“Alright imma come get you.”

“What time?,” I asked.

“Uhhh after 12.”

“Ugh okay.”

“What you ughing for?”

“Cause you like being late.”

“Girl bye, imma come at 11:30.”

“Okay sure.”

“Righttt.” Jackie says dragging out the “T” in the world right.


“Bye girl,” I said. as I hung up my cell phone.

I want to slide into this guy’s dm but he probably won’t text me back.

This is depressing… sigh.

Friday, 1:30 p.m., May 26, 2023 , Blue Taffee Coffee Shop

It’s the weekend of Memorial Day weekend.

“Let’s go out tonight?”

I sigh.

“I don’t know girl… I don’t wanna talk to no men.”

“Girl go out for fun. Not for the men,” says Jackie.

“Ugh…okay,” I reply/



“Are you going to go?,” she asks.

“Do you wanna go?”


“Okay we going ?” I throw my hands up in defeat.


“What time?”


“Uh okay?”

“How much it is at 10 p.m.?”



11:45 p.m., 1-800 Bar

“She’s cute?” I asked my homeboy Pat.

“She’s okay,” he repliies.

“I want her.” I say staring directly in her direction. I needed her to get my glaze

“Ohh okay,” he replies dryly.

“Go talk to her,” Jaden adds.

Too many people around her. I would have to wait till they moved.

She caught my glaze. We hold eye contact for a second. She gives me a faint smile and turns away.

“Girl… I just made eye contact with my dream husband,” I start tapping Jackie’s arm.

“Huh,” she grabs my arm. “Stop it.”

“He’s here, my basketball boo.”

“TK,” she asks?

“Yes,” I reply.

“Whaaat? You made eye catch with him?,” she asks.

“Yes, I don’t know where he went though.”

“Girl don’t be stalking that man. Act normal.”

“Okay, whatever you say.”

“Every once in a while, I would glance around to see if I saw him then I turned to my left I saw him sitting alone.”

Here she go looking at me and not saying anything. I motion for her to come here, she starts looking around like she crazy or some. What is she doing?

Eventually she catches on.

Her steps kept getting closer and closer to me and my heart begins to start race. I immediately lick my lips and put my smirk on. She was beautiful.

“You just goin keep staring at me all night?,” I ask her.

“I wasn’t staring at you.” She couldn’t look at me.

“Look at me.”


I get closer and grab her chin, “Look at me.” That’s when it had hit me.

“sHe was my one.”(Together they say)

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