10 fashion trends that will pop in 2023

Fashion for 2023 seems to be following trends of 2022 by adding more statement pieces and getting less into the design.

The Y2K trend is here to stay, but it’s getting a little more “tight” fitting and micro-sized.

I am not a super fan of trends but if you’ve been looking on Instagram, you will see multiple users wearing some of these clothing or accessories.

Here are 10 fashion trends you need for 2023 to be a stylish girly:

Micro-mini skirts

They’re coming with us into 2023, thought we left them in summer 2022 but now they’re super super micro.

Moon Boots

Fashion brand H&M created a Moon Boots dupe.

You either hate them or love them. It’s no in-between.

I love them so I am happy they are getting the shine they deserve.

UGG Boots

Everyone’s getting back into the OG boots. UGG boots are getting some love this season, especially the chestnuts.

Ostrich feather trim

It’s either a slap bracelet or a new purse for some. It’s the new “statement” accessory piece.

Kawaii girly core but with edge

Or Aaliyah Core, which is a trend that focuses on micro mini fun girly outfits. It’s free and every piece is a statement piece. It’s like kawaii fashion but it’s a little edgier with a dash of sexy.

Aliyah makes it her own.

@aliyahsinterlude started her own fashion wave called #aliyahcore which is a style of fashion that consists of funky high-knee boots, furry earmuffs, micro mini skirts, cropped tops and gutty jewelry. that are typically

It’s definitely modern-day 2000 but it’s its own style as well. Everyone can’t pull it off.

Loewe sunglasses

The latest best Amazon find for some. These $300 price tag sunglasses are the IT glasses. They’re unique in their own way because they challenge the typical cat eye. They give it an edgier appeal that gives it that sneaky snarky look. It’s attention-seeking.

Up to no good.


This is a trend I don’t want to prosper but I guess we have to because we’re entering the ugly stages of the Y2K era.

Metallics and chromes are setting in and people are pairing them terribly. Just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway, get ready to see more gold and silver-colored fits because they are coming. We should have known when a certain brand, who will not be named started making those metallic boots and shoes there was going to be a comeback.

Diesel brought back denim

Thanks to Diesel, denim is back in the rotation of fashion. Everyone is rocking denim-on-denim looks again, even down to the shoes.

Skinny heels

Chunky is slowly moving out of the way, and I am not ready. Everyone is going to the skinny heels, everyone is tired of walking comfortably.

I am scared because many shoe brands are starting to make the transition as well.

Ugly coat


This coat isn’t ugly but this patchwork leather half-Sherpa jacket situation upsets me. I loved it at first but I didn’t think… it was going to stick.

Big furry hats


The oversized bucket hat has arrived and she’s getting more outrageous than ever! I am excited but also not because it’s going to die out fast.

This is just my opinion, nothing is set in stone. Anything can happen, just want everyone to get an idea of what I think are some fashion trends waiting to pop off or have already popped off.

The era of disco is in because of Beyoncé.

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