Top 6 Spring Purse Brands for 2022

Finding the perfect spring purse for 2022 does not have to be hard. Here is a guide to ease your troubles.

Spring is here but she is coming in slowly, especially for Michiganders. That does give us enough time to find our perfect spring purse for 2022.

In this post, we are going to explore different brands and companies to see what spring purses will rock our wardrobe for 2022.

Starting off with our girl Amazon. Back in the day before I became a fanatic with sites like H&M, or Telfar. I did buy some purses off Amazon, I sort of forgot about their reasonable clothing items.

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Amazon Spring Purses

Amazon is a great starting point if you are just looking for something cheap but also stylish.

This spring let us focus on purses that have shapes. Get rid of those ugly dull bags.

I love the orange shaped crossbody because not only is it darling but it’s so cottage core and dainty.

PrettyLittleThing Spring Purses

I really think PrettyLittleThing have really cute clothes and accessories.

These purses are very stylish and colorful which is what we want this spring.

My favorite has to the bag with the big pink bow, it’s very chic but also another dainty look.

H&M Spring Purses

I didn’t see anything to wow me so the choices for this list is quite short.

The purses in this gallery are big in color. The bowling bag is coming back. H&M also has a dupe of the classic Von Dutch’s Bowling Bag.

Can’t forget that H&M is also duping the black shoulder bag to resemble the Balenciaga ‘s Le Cagole shoulder bag.

They now seem to be taking a page from Diesel’s latest bag collection as well with this orange bowling purse.

Since I am obsessed with the bowling bag shape for this gallery that is my fave.

Macy’s Spring Purses

Macy’s shocked me with their spring purses because I typically can not get jiggy with their store but these purses were cute.

Another company sourcing bags with shapes and texture. The faux snakeskin look cannot escape us again and the super slim shoulder bags are back for more looks.

My favorite bag in this collection is the Betsy Johnson Convertible Shoulder Bag because it gives the aesthetic of April showers bring May flowers.

Coach Spring Purses

Taking a step up in quality and price by heading over to Coach.

We’re looking at the now infamous Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag. She’s not a cheap price tag neither.

The Disney Collection is cute but Coach definitely is trying to gain their “luxury” title back.

These bags are a step before high fashion so if you going for a more budget friendly (depending on who you ask) spring purse this is the look to buy.

CHANEL 22 Spring Purse

CHANEL 22 Small Bag- Retails for $5,100

Just going to go straight high fashion and knock ‘em out the park with this new Chanel bag.

The Chanel 22 Bag is a creation by Virginie Viard. She’s the latest creative director for the high end brand.

Chanel 22 is made with resistant leather aka calfskin. The bag is deemed light and supple. The “CHANEL” signature logo is created using gold or lacquered metal.

The bag includes a gold “CHANEL Paris” medallion which is attached to a metal chain interlaced with leather.

Let’s not forget that the Chanel 22, also includes a removable pouch.

The Spring -Summer Ready-to- Wear 2022 collection is only available in CHANEL boutiques at the moment.

Last Thoughts

These spring purses for 2022 are stunning. From fast fashion to high end fashion, you should be able to find something that works for you.

If you are interested in some more spring fashion tips, make sure to check out my spring fashion guide for 2022.

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