Fashion with Chan : Spring Fashion 2022

Spring fashion is one of the best times to bring out those bright colors and bold statement pieces.

Let me just say…. my fashion guides are never based on trends. I do not follow trends, I more so follow style and what I want to wear.

Do not expect a post that’s going to show you every trend to watch out for because babes … we’re not here for trends. We’re here for style.

Don’t get me wrong, I do incorporate some trending or popular clothing pieces or accessories into my wardrobe and guides. I just don’t want people to think this is going to include every trend piece.

This is about creating a spring fashion look, palette that looks great and feels great. Let’s get into it.

Graphic tees… 

Okay so here we go again with this graphic tee era. Stores like H&M are throwing out many graphic tees that are cropped and say some corny line.

I don’t hate graphic tees, but I am also not a huge fan only because I outgrew them.

Graphic tees or better yet these cropped tees can be worn with mini skirts, low waist jeans (they’re making a comeback sadly) or some shorts.

Varsity jackets

Okay now I know I said that I wasn’t going to follow trends but … I can’t say I am not feeling the revamp of the varsity jackets.

Cropped, oversized or the regular degular length are coming back to into spectrum. Or more so, already here.

Many small shops, or big names like H&M are on the varsity wave. Cropped varsity jackets are HUGE this season.

I would pair them with pleated skirts, wide leg jeans or plain mini dresses. Not just any mini dress but more so plain ones that hug your body and can be worn with gym shoes. Most likely a spaghetti strap dress or bodycon. (Please know what I am talking about)

Bold vest and sweaters… keyword “BOLD”

Vests are so last year but they are still making their round this spring. With the comeback of the varsity jacket, fashion is going preppy, valley kids style.

To spice up this spring you have to have bolder colors in vests. If you plan on wearing one. We don’t want to see your pitiful fall colors dragging into April. We want to see those bold greens, yellows, reds and baby blues.

That’s going to elevate the cliché vest and white button down look. (You know the basic)

Y2K is not going away…

Another year… more Y2K inspired looks. I could rant on and on about how every fast fashion storefront is craving into this craze.

You can’t walk into a store and not find something that screams wannabe early 2000s or 2010s wear.

Can’t forget that Forever 21 just even released a Fubu collaboration paying homage to the brand. Where did that even come from? On the sly, some of the pieces are super dope though.

But girl, Forever 21 are even going disco giving the girls flowers and groovy lines on every print.

Not sure when this craze is going to come to a complete stop but until then you might as well wear that halter dress or top… babes they’re back!

Mini skirts and then there is Miu Miu

I don’t know much about the brand Miu Miu but I know they have all the size 4 and below Instagram fashion influencers in a chokehold. With their Prince of Wales check wool mini-skirt, which retails for $1,200. It’s sold out by the way.

By now I am pretty sure you have seen everyone wear those low rise pleated mini skirts and that overly cropped top.

It’s not ugly, it’s just very very common. I can’t fit into that little trendy piece but I can fit into a H&M mini skirt.

I can’t sit here and lie that I am not a mini skirt fanatic because yeah, I am. So of course this spring, I want you to bring out yours.

Oversized blazer looks are always going to be my favorite go to with mini skirts, since it’s spring though, you can try to pair it with one of those cropped tees from earlier… a lot of those looks can be deemed as basic and girl we do not want to be basic. So to spice those looks up are going to be your accessories. Give us knee socks, tights, bucket hats, jewelry, chain belts. Give us something that screams YOU.

Outfit Combinations

I care oh so much about my blog readers and I want you all to always have some inspiration. Here are some curated outfit ideas by me. Ignore the price tags and some of those expensive names. This is inspiration.

Mint Green

Last year, mint green didn’t get enough love. This year, I am bringing her back. She’s the IT moment , she’s the color we all need. Why? Because she’s not worn a lot!!! She’s that unique color statement that every girl needs in her closet.

What I like about this outfit is she’s chic but also how mint green and the almost sunshine yellow match so well together. They are two colors that are complementing each-other very well.

Experimenting with color

Tangerine orange is hot this spring. Many brands are adapting the color and bringing it life. One thing about this look I like is how each color down to the accessories is bouncing off one another. The light purple in the top is popping the bolder purple. The new Jacquemus bag is popping the blues out. It’s a fun evening look for the city.

Hot pink and yellow?

Last year and some of this year I was big on monochromatic outfits. This time around, I want to match colors together and see what they look like. The pink and yellow combination is one of my favorites because it screams SPRING. The outfit is perfect for concerts or a night out. 

Clueless looks never die

Classic Chan. This is classic Chan . Sadly though I don’t own a pair of furry heels. That’s on my wishlist.

The splash of different colors, back to that yellow, pink combo. Perf. This outfit is giving walking around campus during the spring or brunch in the city.

Weather that has no chill…

This could be deemed as a fall look but if you are from Michigan. You get it.

Let us steal the NYC girlies look with the black puffer but pair it will some bell bottoms pleather pants, shades and a pair white booties. 

The baseball cap purse is from JW Anderson and retails for $395 on SSENSE. It’s called the Black Nano Cap bag. 

Another Y2K look..

Another pink look for the Y2K girlies. I will always show out for you all.

A simple pink ribbed tank top with a little distress paired with a pair of white booties. Downtown night out with the girlies look for sure. I think some of the biggest components for Y2K looks are small tops, low rise jeans, shoulder bags and shades. They’re the easiest and most basic looks to pull off if you’re trying to dress Y2K. The chain belt is the perfect accessory though. 

Orange is *chef’s kiss* 

Loved loved loved this outfit and only people that experience weather changes every single day will get it.

This one of those warm mornings but cold night outfits, especially that heavy jacket. The pink and orange combo might BEAT the pink and yellow look.

It’s girly, it’s fly and I think everyone should pull these two colors together. This can be worn to a ladies night out or a trip to the museum.

If you are interested in some museums in Detroit to check out, look at the Detroit Institute of ArtsMotown Museum or the Detroit Historical Museum.

Do I know men fashion?

This is so basic, so… so basic. Let me just say it was my first time and I am trying, don’t give up on me up. I decided to dabble into men fashion just so I can help out the guys too. 

Anyway, I feel men are more likely to bring out the shorts before women. So here is a yellow shorts look with an oversized sweater paired with some University Blue Nike Dunks.

The cap is just an accessory. 

School colors?

I could see a smooth cat pulling this look off, I mean it’s not over complicated. It’s just a varsity jacket, joggers paired with another pair of Nike Dunks this time in Syracuse color way. (Yes, I am obsessed with Nike Dunks)

It’s actually FAMU colors but let’s not talk about that..

If you’re a guy and saw this post, give me feedback. Not too much though because I know you men like to hear yourself talk TOO MUCH. (Thanks in advance)

After all….

I hope you all enjoyed my fashion guide, found some inspiration and have some insight on what you are going to wear this spring. Fashion is what you make it, you can agree to disagree. 

If you are still interested in some fashion tips or need help in finding your personal style or sense, here is a guide I created to help you. Plus I made you all a word search about spring fashion! 

Please as well, do not forget to like, subscribe and comment! Pass it along as well. 


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