Cher and Dionne’s SHEIN Picks

Fashion icons Cher and Dionne off hit movie Clueless are shopping at SHEIN for the first time. Here are their picks.

It’s 2021 but Cher and Dionne are still 16 and trying to find outfits for the low.

They have scrolled TikTok and run across this e-commence site called SHEIN. It’s inexpensive, has some sketchiness to it but they are impressed.

Let’s see what they pick as their latest clothing pieces.

Cher’s first top picks

Cher is going to keep it cute, classy and pretty in pink. Going with a tweed sleeveless dress, a pink mini dress, a white tennis dress, pink cardigan and a pink shacket.

As the girly girl, she’s going with some safe choices that may not have too many issues when she orders them. Her only fears are if the white dress is see through and the pink dress is a knock off.

Dionne’s first top picks

Dionne is going to keep it a little less pop and more chic with a black cropped top, blue halter dress, greenish two-piece, a colorful body-con dress and a blue two piece.

She’s taking things a little more simpler in the pairing department with the two-pieces. The dresses are for more a mature look with her growing age.

Stuff that just makes sense

The two-pieces are giving 90s with a splash of modern day trends. Since the girls want to stay up to date but also pay homage to the 70s and 90s. They’re going to settle on some more shopping outfits, sleeveless pieces.

Mini skirts for days

Dionne is going to be more into the mini skirts with the colors, and knots. Cher’s going to go for the classic pleated skirt.

Maybe some trousers

Due to the warm weather the ladies won’t wear pants too much. Dionne for sure is going to slide in a pair of pleather dark green pants in though. She’s totally going to freak out when she finds out they’re not real leather.

Put the designer down

Instead of their name brand purses the ladies are going to settle for some shoulder bags that go with every day to day outfit. Pastels are going to win with tweed patterns.

Maybe we should buy some shoes

The ladies are actually going to be super hesitant on buying shoes from this website. Their gut feeling is telling them no but the prices are telling them yes!

Okay but accessories

Dionne’s going to go more for bucket hats to match all those two pieces she picked up. Cher’s going to keep up with her beret looks and just buy some to add to her collection. Lace gloves because they’re chic and fun for the night.

The girls will never actually wear anything from SHEIN

Despite the cheap prices, once shipping takes about one too many weeks to show up. The girls will decide to not even want the clothes. Might decide on giving them to charity.

This was super fun to do! Especially trying to pick through clothes that I think the leading ladies would like. If you enjoy this as well, comment down below some movies you think I should do this for that had great fashion!

Inspiration from this feature came from an article by Vogue.

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