Eastern Market Flower Day 2024 : I became a plant mom

Starting my journey as a plant mom is exciting.

It’s not everyday you get a chance to celebrate your journey of becoming a plant mom. So today I am I am going to live it up!

It was a warm, VERY warm Sunday afternoon, my friend and I decided to head on down to the Eastern Market for their annual Flower Day celebration.

At Flower Day, you typically see a bunch of flower and plant sellers selling your spices like Pepermint, Thyme or succulents like cactus.

Then you’ll have artisan vendors selling Detroit themed clothing , or baked goods like breads and cookies.

It’s a mixture of culture and fun for Michiganders all seeking one thing = to buy flowers.

This is my third or fourth time going and I normally go to just soak up the sun, create content and to hang with my friends.

This year I decided to challenge my friend on us buying a plant and becoming plant moms.

Of course we chose the craziest plant and got us both a cacti.

We only paid $3 for it and we definitely thought it was a deal.

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Starting my journey as a plant mom

I plan to document my journey as a plant mom through a series of blog posts. Make sure you’re subscribed so you can stay up to date on my journey.

I am excited to start this journey as a plant mom, I named my first cacti, “Cupcake” because I love cupcakes.

How to plan for Eastern Market Flower Day 2025

My biggest tips for Flower Day is bring cash and make sure you have a wagon to carry your flowers and plants.

Here are a few additional items to bring:

• Water

• Tote bags

• Hand sanitizer , wipes

• Portable fan

What I saw at Eastern Market Flower Day 2024

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