5 tips on what to wear to concerts in 2024

Concert season means new outfit ideas and festive looks.

2024 is the year of concerts!

From Nicki Minaj to 21 Savage to Bryson Tiller, everybody and they momma… is having a concert!

Cowgirl boots, mini dresses to mini pleated skirts and stylish jewelry pieces the concert attire has been exciting.

Here are five tips on what to wear to your next concert :

The cowgirl aesthetic

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift started off the cowgirl boots and hats trend during their 2023 tour run. From bedazzled cowgirl hats with disco gems to the platform cowgirl boots with striking designs, being a cowgirl has been the go to look.

What you need to style a cohesive cowgirl look:

• Cowgirl boots

• Cowgirl hat

• Bandanas

• Fringe decals

Where to buy this style:

Many different online websites like Public Desire, Akira and ASOS sell a variety of cowgirl aesthetic clothing items.

1. Thrift stores

2. Public Desire

3. Five Below

4. Amazon

5. Fashion Nova

Style a denim look

If you’re into trends then you can tell that denim is dying out again.

However, a sexy denim jumpsuit or dress is still a good fashionable concert look.

Biggest tip on tackling denim:

Make sure to wear cute accessories and other colors to pop it out.

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Style artist tees

You can never go wrong with just wearing the artist you’re going to see T-shirt.

3 ways to style your next artist tee :

1. Tie your shirt up in the back from a more cinched in look.

2. Crop the tee and pair it with some low rise jeans.

3. Layer the tee with either a long sleeve shirt or fishnet blouse.

Go the monochromatic route

A monochrome outfit is a simple way to style. Be creative and pick one color that is in the artists latest album cover and wear that.

Use an aesthetic as inspiration

Think of a popular aesthetic at the moment and style a look relating to it.

The coquette era is slowly dying out but you can wear a look that consists of lace, bows and girly prints.

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