Where to buy last-minute Valentine’s Day items in 2024

Last minute shopping options for Valentine’s Day.

You haven’t finished buying your boo a gift yet?

Omg! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I hope you find your boo something. If you haven’t… it’s okay, I am here to help.

Here are a few places to buy last-minute Valentine’s Day items:


Currently, Michael’s is having a 50% off sale on their entire Valentine’s Day collection.

You can find decorations, craft items, baking supplies and more! (If they still have any left)

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree will have your last-minute items like cards, gift cards, balloons, candy and gift bags.

Just make sure you go early or you will miss out!

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If you’re looking for more quality gift items, you may want to make a quick trip to Target.

Target will have decorations, knickknacks, gift bags and even additional gifts! You may even be able to find some flowers.


Just like Target, Walmart will have a variety of items.

If you’re looking for candy, gift bags, snacks and possible gift ideas I would head here.


If you’re so last minute you might as well head to your local CVS.

Their selection may be even smaller but you should be able to find candy, cards, flowers and snacks.

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