A wintery January playlist – A mix of everything for 2024

A mixture of albums, songs, and artists to check out this January to enjoy.

Music is another one of my passion – Chandra Alilijah

From pop to alternate rnb to house, I listen to a variety of everything. However, this month, I’ve been more into mellow R&B jams.

Here are a couple of artists, albums and songs, I am listening to this wintery January:

Top 3 albums

Drake: Take Care

I decided to go back and listen to some old Drake albums and it hit me. Take Care is the supreme Drake album.

From classic hits like “The Motto”, “Make Me Proud”, and “Marvin’s Room” to the more mellow tunes like “Hate Sleeping Alone” and “Over My Dead Body” the album gives you a bit of everything.

It’s one of Drake’s most versatile albums in my opinion.

Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday 2

I guess I am back in my YMCMB era because I am obsessed with Nicki’s latest album PF2.

It’s different than her previous work Queen but it taps back into Old Nicki.

“Cowgirl” is fun and gives “Super Bass”, “Pink Friday Girls” a modern-day “Super Bass” and “Barbie Dangerous” reminds us why Nicki is one of the top female artists of this generation.

The album gives you a mixture of Nicki eras.

Kaytranda – Apple Music Live: NYE 2024 (DJ MIX) – YES

Alright by now, if you don’t know you’re living under a rock but Kaytranada is one of the best things to ever happen to music.

He graced us with a live DJ mix that’s available on Apple Music and let me just say this… it’s impeccable.

The mix includes some of his classics like “Be Your Girl” and “Vivid Dreams” but then it gives us some new mixes as well.

The Kaytranada “Cuff It” mix is crazy.

Top 5 songs of January

  • Pink Birthday”- Nicki Minaj
  • Princess Going Digital” -Amaaree
  • Kashdoll and MDG”- Power
  • “Cuff It Mix” -Kaytranada
  • “Jackie Brown”- Brent Faiyaz

Top 3 artists


It’s self-explanatory H.E.R. is a star in every aspect when it comes to being a musician.

If you want to get into their music check out some of their first pieces of art.

H.E.R– Self Entitled 2017


A new artist is on the scene with an alternative R&B sound. Not afraid to call it what it is and has some smooth late-night vibes.

Listen to “Worlds Away” or “More” by Chxrry22 to check out their sound.


Syd from the musical group The Internet has been around for a bit but they occasionally drop solo projects. They make mellowed-out music with deep intriguing beats. Also, can we mention Syd has one of the best voices out right now, it’s very soft and dreamy.

Listen to their song “Getting Late” or their album Broken Hearts Club which was released in 2022 for a touch of their sound.

Playlist of the month

I created a playlist called ” 2am” that features a lot of artists from a variety of genres. From alternative R&B to even trap love songs, there’s something for everyone.

This playlist is perfect for those indoor cozy evenings during the winter when it’s too snowy to go outside and you just want to enjoy some jams.

It’s a mix of love, heartbreak, emotions and self-worth sounds.

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