10 prompts for a nighttime journaling session in 2024

Journaling at night is a great time to reflect on things you experienced during the day.

Nighttime journaling sessions are in.

Journaling at night helps to reflect on your day plus relaxes your inner thoughts.

Here is a guide on 10 prompts for a nighttime journaling session:

Today felt…

Write down how today felt. Was it warm outside? Was it super cold and dreary? Think about what you heard today, what you have seen, and how the day felt, and then tie in how it made you feel overall.

What I loved about today…

Not thinking about the negative, what did you genuinely love about today? Was it that you made it on time to work? Or did you grab your favorite meal for lunch?

It doesn’t have to be one thing it can be multiple.

I felt my best today when…

What uplifted your mood today? What are some events that occurred today that made you feel good?

This prompt is a little different than the one above because it’s for you to think about your emotions and feelings regarding the day.

One thing I would’ve changed today is…

Now it’s time to think about what happened or a reaction you had you wish you could’ve changed.

Do a little deeper and ask yourself why you would’ve changed it.

One thing I learned today is…

Think about everything that happened today and see if you learned anything.

For me, there is a learning lesson almost every single day. If you sit and ponder long enough, it will come to you. It can be as simple as learning how to calculate discounts at stores or why daylight savings time occurs.

It’s all in your judgment.

I hated this moment today when…

Be honest with yourself always while journaling. What is something that happened today that you hated?

Reflect on what it is and why you hated it happened.

Tomorrow I am going to…

Write down your plans for tomorrow or what you may consider doing.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a head start on what you may do the next day. It can help with becoming more organized.

What did I do today…

Besides going to work or school, what are some things you did today?

Did you make your bed? Was breakfast made? Did you go to the store?

Writing down what you did in a day is a way to reflect on your habits.

I contributed to one of my goals today by…

While pursuing goals, it’s good to keep track of them. Think about what you did today and if it contributed to your goals.

If you didn’t contribute to your goals today, write down why you didn’t and how you plan to improve that in the days to come.

I laughed today when…

Get out the sad and personal feelings and get a little free with this prompt. Think about the thing that made you laugh today. How did you feel in that moment? Why did it make you laugh?

Use this prompt to reflect on the happy and silly moments.

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